Thursday, March 24, 2016

random, boring misc chatter

Its been kind of a weird week. I have had painters here doing some painting inside the house - we're changing some things up. We built this house 11 years ago, and I am definitely overdue for some change.  A fresh coat of paint makes everything seem better and new and fresh. Like a Spring thing. 

So that's good. But what isn't good is that I have to be UP and SHOWERED at the ungodly hour of like 7:30 am. What am I, an animal?? My eyes are so sleepy they want to fall asleep. It's not very pleasant.

Alex has actually been to work early all week for the first time in our marriage. So he's been getting a lot of work done. He was shocked at how much he could accomplish by getting to work at like 8:30 am, as opposed to when he typically rolls in at 10:30 or so. I think he'd be shocked if he ever changed firms. I'm not sure all employers would appreciate his slow-pokey time table. He just cannot be early or on time, ever. It's a thing. Actually it is one of the very few things we ever get in a tiff over. Or I get irritated enough to flash an evil eye at.

His chronic lateness used to drive me crazy.  But I've pretty much gotten over it. It only makes me mad when it affects me or the kids, because I like being on time! Otherwise, I shut my trap and let the chips fall where they may. I'm not his mom.

Alex is home from college for the week. I love having him around, he's so funny. He's so ready to get up and get going every day, so unfortunately I think he looks at me like I am a huge loser, because I don't usually do a lot of fun stuff every minute of every day. He does like being entertained. My idea of entertainment is sitting on my comfy couch/office, drinking a cup of coffee, reading the news, maybe playing a Words game or something. His idea is definitely not that.

So it's almost Easter and my sister is coming into town tomorrow, which will be fun. She'll be the first to sleep in the newly put together guest room. Unless someone snores tonight. :) It'll be a full house because I think all of her kids are coming too.  My niece KK is a nurse in Philli, so she has shitty hours and we hardly ever get to see her anymore. Especially during holidays, so I'm looking forward to hanging with her. She's one of my favorite people.

Other than that, it's been pretty boring and uneventful around here. Except whoa. My newly discovered best lunch ever!!  Kara found this recipe for cucumber noodles with peanut sauce on Pinterest, and I have been obsessed with it. I have made it for lunch every single day. I could also eat it for breakfast and dinner. Click HERE if you want to check out the recipe.

It just occurred to me that my kids have no school tomorrow, and I have no Easter candy or basket stuff. I'm a slacker mom!! Not only am I a shitty tooth fairy, I am also a shitty Easter bunny! Well THAT stinks! That means I have to make a Target run. Hm, I guess that's not the worst thing ever.


  1. New paint is always nice! And slacker moms get the best deals on stuff because everything goes half off the day before holidays, so you're actually smart waiting till the last minute! Hope you have fun with the fam.

    1. Great point! I really did get all of my candy on sale... I think I might be a slacker on purpose next year.