Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things you miss on the morning walk

A lot of conversation flows on a 90 minute morning walk. I always wonder what I am missing, because I opt out of the walk that my niece KK, two of my sisters, their husbands and my husband take every day that we are together. I used to opt out because my back would be on fire upon return, now that it is feeling better, I might have to join them.

Today we went to breakfast after the walk, the regular group plus me and Mom. We went to this little diner where an omelet cost me $8.95, but whatever. It was by far one of the better omelets that I have ever eaten. I chose an egg white omelet with spinach, feta and tomatoes. Oh my YUM. I do love me a Greek omelet.

So this is the general idea of the 90 minute conversation that I missed on today's walk:

Words and what they should be categorized:

Tier one words are simple, every day words. For example, chair.

Tier two words are bigger words, like vocabulary words.  For example, extraordinary.

Tier three words are specific to an event or thing that average every day people wouldn’t know how to use or what they mean.  For example, a pelitan.

Now I enjoy a good conversation on words like the next Joe, but I guess opting out of this walk was in my best interest.  Can you tell that my sister is a second grade teacher?