Monday, June 8, 2009

Smelly back yard

I started writing this post on my back porch. It is a beautiful, sunny day - there is shade AND sun on the porch, which is my favorite. I typically enjoy sitting out there. The birds are chirping away, Brookie is napping (well - playing in her bed, but I have a few moments of peace, so I'm not complaining!).

But, there is SMELLY grass dumped right in the tree line of our back yard/woods. UGH, it is disgusting. My husband doesn't seem to notice the stench, and acts completely unaffected by it. Much like he rarely noticed poopy diapers, I believe.

I may very well hire someone to come and haul it away, because I can't really enjoy the back yard while I am throwing up in my mouth over the smell every few minutes.
Besides the stench factor, it looks ugly out there! Why would anyone dump grass clippings practically on their lawn??
Good question.

That's really the only bad thing about my day (besides the fact that I forgot to get my favorite bread for my sandwich at the grocery today, which means that I had to eat my lunch with rolled-up sandwich meat instead of an ACTUAL sandwich). 

Here are the good things about my day so far:
-I just found out that my sister Jen passed her Nursing Boards with flying colors!!! Yay Jen!
-Meg's softball playoffs are tonight (love her more than anything, but the games can be PAINFUL to watch and oh so LOOOOOONG, so I will be glad when we're all done)
-It's sunny but not hot out, which means the kids will be happy to run around and play outside when they get home from school
-I returned cans today and got about $6 back!
-A book I requested just came in at the library, so now I will have reading material! Yippee!
-I have a plan in motion for dinner tonight
-The house is relatively clean, so I can relax and read my new book without feeling guilty for not cleaning