Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey, it's 11/11!

It's November!  Who knew?

I remember being younger and my mom would tell me that time seems to speed up when you're old and I'd be all like, uh huh, and roll my eyes.

I'd say the same thing when she'd tell me to appreciate my non-wrinkled skin and non-flabby bod.  Because like, who ages, right?

Apparently, she was right, but damn.

So, November... there sure seems to be a lot ahead to accomplish.  I'm not much of a pre-shopper.  Like, I know someone who will have all of her Christmas shopping done, and then wrapped in October.  That's so not me.  I mean, I'd love it if I were that organized, but the reality is - I'm not.  Usually by October I have some lists put together, because lists!  But that's about it.  My lists are organized!

I do need to have a sense of what I am doing by Thanksgiving, because I am probably going to be forced to be a Black Friday shopper.  

I used to really love Back Friday shopping.  The planning, the plotting of the route, the craziness, the chaos, the getting up so early and being all sluggish and driving in the dark with your fellow shoppers...  

But somewhere along the way, I decided that I hate it.  Or maybe not hate, but strongly dislike.  I look around and see cranky people, dragging tired babies through throngs of other cranky people, at ridiculous hours of the morning, prepared to throw down just to get their kid the latest and greatest whatever.  That doesn't scream Christmas cheer to me for some reason.  Merry Effing Christmas?

Ah, I'm sure I'll go.  My sister Ali can be a bully very forceful persuasive, and we usually go out together with the guys.  I admit, it always turns out to be fun.  My sister Jen has the right idea and doesn't meet us til late breakfast at some greasy diner, usually in the form of Denny's.  The eating with your people part is fun.  Because the eating part is always fun!

So there's that.