Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what i did wednesday

Felt the sunshine
Played on the playground

Waded in the river

Looked for treasures
Watched a little kid soccer game

Watched a big kid soccer game

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lazy crazy days

I never thought I would be taking such a break from blogging, but here I am.  Not blogging. 

It's been tough, with the kids home for the summer.  We've been on the go a lot, spending lots of time running around and at the pool, soaking up the sunshine.  So of course posting and reading my blogroll has been sporadic.

I fully expect to be back to normal in September, once the kids go back to school, but for now, I'm trying.  I want to get on here and I admit I miss writing and reading, but man, there aren't enough hours in the day! 

If I sit myself down in front of the computer when the kids are milling about, they look at me like I am ignoring them, which I guess in reality, I am.  So I can't do that guys.  Because, you know, they're my kids and I have to pay attention to them when they want me.  Or at least pretend to be paying attention.  No, just kidding.  Sort of.

Anyway, pretty soon we are off for the two week beach vacation that I look forward to every year, and I actually do plan on bringing my laptop.  Which is when I plan to catch up on all of your lives!  I am just going to read til my eyeballs get tired and droopy and can't take another moment.  And I'll be commenting, and all sorts of other things that come with blogging and reading blogs.

So this is not my resignation post.  This is my temporary leave of absence post.  If you take a leave of absence, do you think you are allowed to randomly show up here and there?  Because if I get some time to sit down and write, I'll do it.  I will!  I've been collecting lots of interesting things to share, so when I do officially get back here on a regular basis, I might actually have something of substance to say.

So please don't dump me from your blogroll guys!  Wait it out.  This is just temporary!  I promise!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

it's gin o'clock somewhere!

My girls and I are getting ready to head to the pool, kids are all suncreened up waiting by the door in their swimsuits.

As I grab some Popsicles and start filling my water bottle with crystal lite lemonade to swig on poolside, it occurs to me that it might be kind of an interesting concept to turn the crystal lite into a mixed drink.  Like, just chill at the pool sipping a little something while watching my kids do tricks.

But then I think to myself, self, you are dumb.  a)  you don't even like alcohol, b) it's 2:00 in the afternoon, and c) what if you get tipsy.

Well, in answer to a, it's true, I don't like alcohol straight, like a glass of vodka or something.  Um.  Gross.  That would never make it past my gag reflex.  But mixed, I think I wouldn't hate it.  I need to mask alcohol.  With sweetness.  Which kind of actually makes it stupid to drink, generally speaking.  Unless your sole purpose for drinking is to get drunk.  And mine isn't.  And b, yes, it is 2:00 in the afternoon.  Clearly it's not appropriate for a mom out watching her kids swimming to be throwing back mixed drinks, right?  My kids are all competent deep end swimmers, but I do have to be on top of my game in case one of them gets jumped on or something.  And who gets drunk at 2:00?  A lush?  Someone on vacation?  But really, sometimes it's OK to throw caution to the wind.  I mean, it is gin o'clock somewhere, right?  In answer to c, it isn't what if I get tipsy.  It should be, I will definitely get tipsy.  Because I know me.  And I know I have no tolerance for alcohol.  If I have a mixed drink, I will be silly.  And possibly trip and slur more than I usually do.  One drink will do it, and yes I do know I am a lightweight embarrassment to good drinkers everywhere.

The sad thing is, if I chose to go ahead and throw caution to the wind and spike my drink, I would be perusing the cabinets for something that doesn't even exist in my cabinets.  There is no alcohol here.  Unless you include a bottle of some disgusting after dinner liqueur that someone gave us as a gift at one of our Christmas parties.

And I'm pretty positive that wouldn't mix well with lemonade.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, I am back to lists guys.  Lists are my favorite things, but not exactly as a blog post.  I mean, every so often a blog post list is fine, but not like, as an every day occurrence.  But being that I'm feeling a little distracted with summer-vacation-kids-home-omg-I-have-a-million-things-to-do-and-not-enough-popsicles, and being that I feel less than exciting out here these days, I'm going with it.

And not only am I posting a list, but I am copying Amber's idea for a list.  Because apparently, that's how I roll.  Just to clarify, I am copying her idea, not her list.  Because well, copying an actual post is not how I roll.  In fact, that kind of thing is just shameful and I'd never be a copycat like that.  However, some of the things on Amber's list could actually and potentially be on my list.  Just saying.

Are you like, "OMG, enough talking and get to the list already" yet?  Yeah, me too.

A Small List of Things That Bug Me  and I'm not even the least bit cranky!

1)  When, on day one of summer vacation, your child whines, "I'm bored!" at you.

2)  When your hose doesn't reach your garden and you have to lug a watering can back and forth a lot of times.

3)  Weeds. 

4)  When you go grocery shopping on a Monday and the shelves are bare of all the good stuff because all of the weekend grocery shoppers took everything and the stocker people haven't restocked yet.

5)  When your car looks dirty a day or two after the car wash.

6)  When customer service people are snotty.  Like, hello?  Do you not get what customer service is supposed to be??  Snotty customer service people clearly didn't read the job description. 

7)  When your Internet connection is being an asshole.  Right in the middle of something important. 

8)  People who use a public bathroom, then walk right past the sinks and don't even wash their hands!

9)  When someone says, I just have a quick half hour meeting, and three and a half hours later they are still at the half hour meeting.  And that same someone neglects to give you a little heads up my meeting went long courtesy call.

10) Junk email.  And really, does that method really even work?  Don't the junk emailers get the fact that nobody is going to click on your add to buy a penis enlargement contraption?  Or don't they get that we're smart enough (I hope) not to wire transfer $3000 to a miscellaneous bank in Nigeria?

11)  Stepping on gum in a parking lot.  Especially on a hot day.  How rude can you be?

12)  (Adult) People who wipe their noses on their sleeves.  Or worse, the back of their hand.

13)  Over packaged kids toys, or over packaged stuff in general.  I seriously don't get this concept at all.  I almost feel like the package designer guys want to make people crazy.

14)  When you go to a playground and too-big kids are on the equipment being obnoxious, making the little kids nervous, and making it hard for the little kids to actually  play.

15)  Text message speak.  Most of it irks me.  Like you really don't have enough time to type your instead of ur?   And no offense, but when an old person texts roflmao, it looks kind of cheesy.  I've gotten over lol, but only if you really did el oh el at something.  I mean, don't text lol if you only chuckled.  Or smiled.  That's dumb.  However, I admit that I fully use omg.  I can't help it.

And now, as I see I have reached 15 things that bug me in what was supposed to be a short list, I feel that I may have to stop now and possibly continue this list at a later date.  Because I can't not include low talkers, close talkers and people who text while you are in the middle of a conversation.  With them.  Actually, that last one definitely deserved to be in the list up there.  That's one of my biggest pet peeves.  Actually, the term pet peeve itself is annoying, don't you think?

Maybe on another day when I have no great idea for a post I will add to this list.  Like a to be continued.  Or even maybe a day when I am really cranky, I will do a to be continued.   I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Friday, July 8, 2011

i dare you

love this song:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

wrap up

We had planned to immediately go to Connecticut when we got back from Denver.  Our flight got in at 8 and we were thinking we'd just shoot over, because that's where my sisters and kids were.

But then my luggage made a pit stop in North Carolina, and decided to stay.  Without me.  On the bright side, way better to happen on the way home than on the way there. 

So I had no product.  I can't stand not having my moisturizer.  And my hairbrush.  And my STUFF.  I definitely classify myself as low maintenance, I don't use much as far as makeup and that kind of stuff.  But I definitely need my moisturizer.  Anyway, we ended up going home because the airline promised to deliver the luggage in the morning.   It was actually good we went home, we slept in our bed and got a good night's sleep.  We got up early the next day and made it to CT before everyone was finished with their coffee.  I didn't feel like I missed too much.

I hate missing anything.

Alex missed pick up soccer with the guys, but he got over it.

Anyway, we lounged around for the rest of the holiday weekend.  Eating awesome BBQ food, watching the kids play in the pool all day, chit chatting and just hanging out.  It was perfect.  Sunday night we went out on the sound in one of John's boats to watch fireworks.  I love watching fireworks from the water -- so cool.

Haven't been boating since last year, so it felt good to be out there.  And John had an awesome boat for us to use - some Chris Craft fancy thing.  It was really comfy.

Also, big news, we met my sister Indi's new boyfriend!  He seemed like a really nice guy, and she seemed happy, which was good.  He brought his two kids over to swim, and they got along fine with our kids.  I kind of felt a little bad, because I do think we are a hard crew to join in to.  We have a lot of history as a group.  Obviously, my sisters and I have known each other forever, but we've known Ali's husband Ty since he was about 8 years old, and Jen's husband John since we met in college at 18.  Alex grew up in our town, so he knew my sisters and Ty forever too.  The guys all have a lot in common, and are really close.  Thinking of it like a new guy trying to join the pack makes me feel like, aww.  I just want the guys to be nice.  And they are, just, I hope they will be open to letting him "in."

Because eventually, we're going to have to.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what i did wednesday

Watched tricks, swam, layed in the sunshine...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So, I went to Denver

Wednesday, my husband and I flew out to Denver to go to his brother's wedding. 

It's been a while since my feet touched the ground in Colorado.  I was nervous.  Colorado has a ton of memories for me, and I get mixed up and emotional sometimes, thinking about the time I spent there and stuff.

So seriously, I felt nauseous all day while we were traveling.  Alex and I were not seated seated next to each other.  I ended up sitting next to a guy who I immediately picked out as a person from Colorado.  Very chill, easy going and friendly.  He did a lot of talking to me though, like a really lot.  And he was a low talker so I had to like, listen really hard to hear what he was saying.  And he seemed very interested in hearing about the music I was listening to on my ipod.  By the time we landed, I could feel myself loosening up a bit though.

I love Colorado.

We stayed in a pretty nice hotel in downtown Denver just a block or two from the 16th Street Mall, which is a really cool street that is closed off to cars -- lots of stores, restaurants, bars and a very fast trolley thing, which I didn't remember being there.  Tons of people milling about, even late at night mid week.

The night we flew in, we mosied on down to 16th Street at about 11 pm because we hadn't eaten pretty much all day, and Alex might have been so hungry he could eat my arm.  We went to this really cool bar, the Appaloosa Grill, and we got lucky because an awesome band was playing.  I love live music.  I extra love bar bands.  And this band had the best drummer I may have ever heard.  And a sick trumpet.  Great stuff.

So we had a few drinks and ate some good bar food -- and of course had some awesome music playing. 

Thursday, the day of the wedding, Alex and I pretty much just met up with some family for breakfast and then had enjoyed a lazy day, ambling around the city.  I promised my kids that I would bring them home presents, so I had to find some stuff that would make them happy.  I had my eyes out for some authentic western stuff.

The wedding was at a lodge in Evergreen.  Really rustic-y and cool, right on a lake.  The drive there made me happy, just looking at the mountains.  It was sort of cloudy and overcast, but pretty anyway.

The wedding started almost as soon as we got there.  They were pretty concerned about the rain because the ceremony was being held outside, so it went pretty quickly.  The sun came out for the vows, then went back behind the clouds pretty quick.  It was a really nice ceremony, I got a bunch of great pictures. Erik looked very happy, and his wife Stephanie looked great. 

The reception was a lot of fun -- great food, great music, super cool atmosphere.  My brother-in-law Jonathan gave an awesomely funny best man's speech.  He almost stole the show. 

The next day, we met the family for a BBQ at a park in Arvada.  It was nice, mostly just disc golf, food and chatting.  Then Alex and I went off and explored a bit.  Erik actually got us rather lost, so we ended up going past my old development, close by my old school.  THings looked really different and I didn't remember it all.  Just parts, like passing certain streets, going down certain highways.  Later we ended up going out to Boulder, through Estes Park and to the Rocky Mtn National Park.  Pretty cool to still see some snow up there.  Alex kept trying to see a moose but ended up only seeing an elk.  My brother-in-law was skiing in shorts right before his wedding. Funny.

We got a bite to eat at a bar that I would consider an Irish Hooters.  The waitresses were wearing the skimpiest uniform things I have ever seen.  I would not have let my daughter work there, let me tell you.  Very Britney Spears school-girlish.  And the food was only so-so, but it was fun either way. 

Anyway, we left early the next afternoon.  I missed it as soon as the plane lifted.

I can't wait to go back.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

What I did on Friday

Disc Golf in Arvada.

After-wedding family picnic.

Drive through Boulder, Lyons and Estes Park.  Heading to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Saw a beautiful sunset in Boulder.