Thursday, February 28, 2013

one last word, v9

The other day I saw this thing in People magazine called "The World According to..." and it was a little mini- interview type thing with Josh Groban.  Who actually happens to be a really funny guy.  I have no idea if it is like, a weekly feature, but the questions they asked him were different than the questions you usually see out there.

And I love questions.  Asking and answering them.  Fill in the blank, either/or, straight up curiosity ones... I'm all about the questions.  I like to dig deep.

So I answered them too.  Because I'm just so not even as witty and interesting as Josh Groban of course. 

My biggest pet peeve, besides uttering the actual term "pet peeve," is probably dumb grammar.  I know being a grammar snob probably isn't the best thing to man up to, but it drives me nuts.  On the plus side though, I only correct my own children - not other people, which is something that I find kind of rude.  I hate when people don't grasp the whole me vs. I thing.  Like instead of saying, "That's for John and me,"  they'll say, "That's for John and I," which of course is not grammatically correct.  I seriously have seen those kinds of mistakes in actual books, with editors! I've also heard them on TV.  A huge offender is Allison Sweeney on The Biggest Loser.  I love her, but I want to reach through the TV and correct her all of the time.

My go-to karaoke song is non-existent.  I cannot get myself on a stage and speak coherently, much less sing in front of people.  A karaoke date would pretty much be my nightmare, and I would definitely have to be tanked in order to participate.  One of the very few times I actually sang Karaoke was with my sisters somewhere, and I was peer pressured into singing a Neil Diamond song, Sweet Caroline.  I may or may not have rocked the house.

The last time I went to an opera was a few years ago.  I am not typically an opera fan.  I've never really been into them, but my kid Kara was one of the leads in a show at college, Street Scene, and of course I went.  I'm not sure if it was because it was her show, but I definitely didn't hate it.  And she of course killed it.

My secret to a good hair day is to go to an expensive salon.  If I ever have a good hair day, that's why.  I mean, I can do my hair and it looks nice, for about 35 minutes.  I'll like, walk out of my bathroom feeling like a rockstar with nice hair, and before an hour is up, I'm like, what the hell?  I think it's because I have really thin hair.  It has no body whatsoever.  It just gets really flat fast.  Which is exactly why I am pro-pony tail.  And expensive salons.

The nerdiest thing about me may very well be my weird love of office supplies.  In all honesty, I could spend a ridiculous amount of time in Staples or Office Max, just longingly walking up and down the aisles.  I want everything.  I love Sharpies.  And folders.  And binders.  All of that stuff.  Maybe instead of being nerdy, that's just weird.

The biggest misconception about me is probably that I am snotty.  I think quiet people tend to get that a lot.  I absolutely do not think that I'm above you, I am just shyish, and I am not good at putting myself out there.  It really takes a while for me to warm up and join in.  I need to assess the situation first usually, and get a feel for the people that I'm in a conversation with.  Also, I've had people say they waved to me and I didn't wave back, and really, it's because I can't see!  Not because I am ignoring someone.  Promise!

My celebrity crush is hmm... Ryan Gosling.  I just find him really attractive in a non-threatening way.  Like, the super hot guys always seem to be dicks.  I think Ryan isn't your "typical" super hot guy, and in my thought process, that would make him be a good guy and not a jerk.  I also would probably not turn down a date with Ian Somerhalder.  And Jesse Williams.  I definitely would make out with either of them, even though Jesse is basically a baby and I am an old cougar.  Rawr.

(and segue into...)The best make out music.  In my opinion, it would probably be something not all slow and romantic-ish.  Is that weird?  Like, I think it would definitely lead to a hotter make out session if you were listening to something like Nine Inch Nails or The Cure - something like that.  Ah, I guess it depends on the mood.  Sometimes something slow and low and sexy, like a good tune from The Nationals or The Magnetic Fields would be the best kind of music for getting steamy.

What about you guys?  Want to answer some questions?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

not that he frequents nudie bars or anything

I am so not the kind of wife who tells her husband he can't do something.  I don't do the whole "rules" thing very well at all.

See, the thing is, I pretty much consider myself my husband's wife, not his mother.  He's a grown man, and the only thing that I am going to tell him he is allowed to do is make his own decisions.  If he wants to go grab a beer down the street and watch a game at the bar, what do I care?  Actually, the only thing that I care about is him not driving after he's had a few too many beers, but otherwise, what's the big deal?

My husband recently said to me, "Thanks for letting me go to the game."  I was like, "Don't ever say that to me again.  I didn't let you do anything!"  Here's how it works with us:  he asks me if I care if he does something, and I say yes I care or no I do not care.  And then he makes a decision.  Like a big boy. 

There have been plenty of times that I have cared - typically, I care if whatever it is that he wants to do majorly conflicts with something else, or if I am seriously wiped out and need another adult around.  But my husband ultimately makes his own decisions.  I will give input if asked.  I wholeheartedly believe that it's really really healthy for spouses to have things that they do with their friends, that they don't have to be chained to each other 24/7.  That it's OK to have outside interests. 

Like really,  I'm not too interested in going to see a football game and it's no skin off of my nose if he wants to go off and tailgate and hang with his friends.  Just like he could care less if I wanted to spend the day at an auction or wandering through book stores, or going out to dinner and drinks with my friends.  Obviosuly if I asked him to join me he would, but it doesn't threaten him to watch me walk out the door without him.

Once I remember having a conversation with this lady, and she proceeded to list all of the things her husband wasn't allowed to do.  I was appalled.  First I was thinking that I really felt sorry for her man because he had to put up with such a control freak, and then I was thinking, really?  Really?  Why would our husband's need rules?  They are not our children.

I mean, I don't exactly appreciate the thought of my husband going to a nudie bar or something, because I kind of think it's inappropriate for a married guy to be out ogling naked women, but I wouldn't ever tell him that I forbid it.  I would absolutely tell him that it makes me uncomfortable and that I wouldn't like it.  But from there it is entirely his decision.

Because he is a grown up.

One of the things that this lady's man wasn't allowed to do was speak to specific women.  Again, I was like omfg really?  In a million years, if my husband forbid me to do something, I would probably freaking do it and give him the finger while doing it just because I hate people telling me what to do.  I know for a fact that I would dig my heals in and be like, you can't tell me not to blahblahblah.

And seriously, if you have to forbid your partner from speaking to specific people, clearly there is a huge lack of trust there.  And the real question should be, why are you with someone that you can't trust?  And also, why is your partner such a wimp that they allow you to give them rules like a 4 year old?  Honestly, I can't stand wimpy guys.  I would much rather a man who stands up for himself than lays down and meekly accepts that kind of thing.  Because nobody is the boss of me.  And the only people that I am the boss of are my kids.  And that's only temporary.

To me, marriage = partners. 

Huh.  Go figure.  That turned into an unexpected rant.  Sorry guys.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

back large and in charge, unfortunately

We got home from Florida on Saturday afternoon.  The return trip went pretty smoothly, almost as smoothly as the trip there.  The kids haven't been on a plane in a while, so there was an added level of excitement there.

I got home and half wondered if my house would have been ransacked, because I put it out there on the big world wide web that we weren't going to be home for the week.  I'm sure the ransackers and bad guys were afraid that my attack dog might be home guarding the place though, so nobody attempted a break in.  Little did they know that my attack dog was also away for the week, at the dog sitter's house.

Even though she didn't get to join us on vacation, she was happy at home being a tramp with the new boy dog at the sitter's house I'm sure.  Did I mention that my dog is a woman now?  Terrible pet owner that I am, I didn't get her spayed in time.  So she went into heat.  Which is disgusting.  She had to wear a dog diaper for a week.  And guess who had to change it??  TMI?

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that I only gained three pounds or so during my week of debauchery.  Which I have to admit is pretty impressive considering we walked about 47 miles around the parks each day.  Can you feel my sarcasm??  I mean, really??  I completely expected to lose a few pounds while I was there!  Even though I ate a man sized portion of cherry cobbler with ice cream every night for dessert, I assumed that all of the walking would balance that out.  Apparently, I made an ass out of all of us, and now I am three pounds chunkier than ever.  Cod damn it.

Don't you worry though, I'm all over that shit.  I have to get to a point where I can wear a bathing suit in the summer without wanting to shove a chopstick up my own nostril in an attempt to pierce my brain over the distress of the state of my bod.

Have you ever heard of suicide by chopstick?  I could be a first...

Speaking of food, I'm so hungry I could possibly eat my own arm.  I need lunch.  I also need to clean this mess of a house, which includes folding a shit ton of laundry.  So, I know this is a brief post, but I'm out.  Like sauerkraut.  Until tomorrow.

Friday, February 22, 2013

friday five blog hop

I'm hosting a blog hop!  I'm a blog hop hoster! I hope you'll humor me and link up so I don't look like a dumbass to the whole entire Blogiverse.  If you're new to this blog or missed the heads up, it's pretty simple and straightforward - you write a post on Friday - just 5 minutes or so.  It could be a wrap up of your week, it could be a miscellaneous ramble, a to-do list, a grocery list... anything really.  Maybe even be a weekly topic if people seem interested.  Then, you link up at the bottom of this post, and that's it!  Well, then it would be nice if you read any other links and commented, but still, simple stuff right?  It's also a nice way to meet and connect with other bloggers out there, apparently.  So come on guys... in the famous words of the Nike advertisers, just do it!  I even made an official button!  Because I am so official and stuff.  Feel free to share it anywhere on your blog.

blog hop button photo bloghop1.jpg

It's Friday morning, pretty early.  So we're in Florida.  We've been here since last weekend, and are getting ready to wrap up the week, heading back home tomorrow.  It's been so nice here, and so crappy at home.  I love that we had a great weather week, that we missed a bunch of cold, rainy/sleety weather. We spent the week at a resort at Disney, meeting up with two of my sisters and their families and a friend and her family.  Everything has gone really smoothly.  I love this vacation.  

We do hit the parks, but we kind of have a great system, so it doesn't suck.  Also, my sister Ali is a bully.  Today we are headed to Animal Kingdom for a few hours, then hopefully will spend the rest of the day poolside, just yapping and relaxing.  I appreciate yapping and relaxing a lot.  

Next week I will be sure to post a bunch of stuff about our week, and some gratuitous pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Because I'm sure you're all three on the edge of your seats.

Time's up!  Happy weekend all!  

Monday, February 18, 2013

could someone pass me a fork? to stab my own eyeball with?

Ahh... the joys of Disney.

The joy of holding a sweaty, sticky kid's hand while waiting not so patiently for exactly 97.3 minutes (again) to go on a dumbass ride that lasts exactly 1.4 minutes.  OK, fine - not all of the rides are dumbass-ish, but I am so over "It's a Small World."  I'm sorry, I know it is an iconic ride, I know everyone has to ride it every time they step on WDW property, blahblahblah.

The joy of those 97.3 minutes waiting on line, hearing, "Is it our turn yet mom?  Mom?  Mom?  Mooooooooommmm?  When is it OUR! TURN??  How many more minutes?  I'm thirsty! ...Hungry! ...Tired! ...Sweaty! ...Going to wet my pants!"  All while trying to keep your kid from balancing on or hanging and swinging off of the "keep back" pipes that approximately eleven hundred and ninety seven people already touched - with their disgusting dirty, sweaty, poopish, snottish, germy unwashed hands.

I love Disney.

Really, I swear I do.  But sometimes, parents can get a little crazy, and I have to admit I feel sorry for their kids.  I am not a mom who feels the need to squeeze every last penny out of the $947 I just spent on one ticket to one park for one day.  OK, that was a slight exaggeration, it's only about $147 a day for a ticket to one of the parks.  But really, I've never been all like, "I just spent all of this money on you, so you are going to have some goddamn fun!  Or else!"

I try to roll with it.

I've learned some tricks for making Disney work for me - I can't even remember the last time I had to wait in a really long line for a ride that we've already been on 11 times and didn't love that much in the first place.

First of all, take your time!  You do not have to be the first one at the park banging on the gates to have fun!  Admittedly, if you get there when the park opens, you have an advantage and can get to a lot of rides without the wait.  You can pick and choose your first Fast Pass.  There are definitely plusses to getting there early.  It starts getting super busy at about 10 am, when parents are finally up and at 'em and their kids have had breakfast and are dressed snappily with their Mickey ears perched on their little heads.  If you are aware of that, you're less likely to be stressed over the crowds.

In the past, my husband would take one of the kids with him and speedy quick make his way to the ride we want to Fast Pass first, while I leisurely get situated with the other kids, then he'd meet me wherever it is that we decided to go to first.  It helps to have a partner to make the runs for Fast Pass.

Speaking of Fast Pass, pick them wisely.  Like, you need to personally prioritize your rides.  Don't Fast Pass "It's a Small World" immediately if it's not one of the top rides your family wants to go on.  Keep in mind, FP for the popular rides will run out early.  So Fast Pass one of the rides that typically has the longest line - like the Speedway or Space Mountain or Splash Mountain.  With little kids Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan tend to have long lines, so Fast Pass one of those first.

Also, invest in the Disney app.  It really does help.  It tells you which rides have the least amount of wait time and it is updated constantly.  Maybe I should keep that info to myself...

Bring supplemental snacks and drinks in a backpack.  That way, when you are stuck on a little line waiting, you can "picnic" while you wait, and nobody can complain that they're starving or thirsty after you've already waited far too long to justify getting out of line to feed your hungry kid a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar (so freaking good, by the way).  If I've waited 94 minutes for a ride, my kid would pretty much have to be eating their own arm from hunger to get me to get out of line, so I always make sure to pack sandwiches and goldfish.

It also doesn't hurt to have a few small toys in your backpack to entertain your kid while you wait.  I try to bring a few Disney-type guys or princesses to play with.  They're easy to squeeze in the bag, and they help when you're in a bind and over trying to distract your kid til it's your turn.

And finally, lower your expectations.  Kids get tired.  They get hot and sweaty and hungry.  Don't expect it to be perfectly magical.  Days are long at Disney, and it's unrealistic to think that your 3-year-old is going to make a 12 hour day without a melt down.  It's not fun for anyone if you're dragging a screaming, flailing wiped out kid through the park, especially for the flailing kid.  That's the time when you should probably head back to the hotel/resort for a rest, or to the pool for a swim.  Be prepared for the likelihood that something like that will happen. You can't be mad at your kid for flipping out if they're exhausted.

Anyway, can you tell we'll soon be hitting the parks?  I start to think about all of these things before we go on a Disney vaca...

At the end of the day, I've learned that the key to having a good experience is to be realistic and to be able to roll with whatever comes your way.  Be flexible and ready to switch up your meticulous plans if need be.  Don't waste an hour and a half to wait on a line for a ride - it's just not worth it.  Even if Dumbo is your two-year-old's all time absolute favorite thing in the world - if you have to wait an entire airplane ride to Florida to see Dumbo, something is wrong there.  And trust me, your kiddo will get over it.  There is so much to see and do there, it's virtually impossible for them not to have tons of fun.


Friday, February 15, 2013

the real friday five

Whoa it's early!  I may or may not even be writing this from my cozy bed.

So a few days ago, I gave you all three readers a heads up on my intention to do a little Blog Hop.  It's my first attempt at such a thing, and I hope you'll humor me and link up so I don't look like a dumbass to the whole entire Blogiverse.  If you're new to this blog or missed the heads up, it's pretty simple and straightforward - you write a post on Friday - just 5 minutes or so.  It could be a wrap up of your week, it could be a miscellaneous ramble, a to-do list, a grocery list... anything really.  Maybe even be a weekly topic if people seem interested.  Then, you link up at the bottom of this post, and that's it!  Well, then it would be nice if you read any other links and commented, but still, simple stuff right?  It's also a nice way to meet and connect with other bloggers out there.  So come on guys... in the famous words of the Nike advertisers, just do it!  I even made an official button!  Because I am so official and stuff.  Feel free to share it anywhere on your blog.

 blog hop button photo bloghop1.jpg

7:55 A.M!
All of a sudden it's Friday, and I feel like I have a shit ton of things to do.  I know I'm not supposed to mention it because the potential thieves out there who may want to pillage my home are getting a heads up that my house will be sort of empty, but I'm throwing caution to the wind - we're out of here in a few days.  (holy run-on sentence batman) If the potential thieves will make sure, during their pillaging, to also take my annoying lovely kitchen table, I'll only arrest them a little bit out of sheer gratitude.  Also, there is a ton of super awesome shitty crap that should go to the dumpster vintage stuff in the basement that they can have too.  And a broken vacuum.  Just stay out of my underwear drawer.  Fine.  Pillage my underwear drawer if you must, but I'm warning you, there's a 50/50 chance of getting something that might not be cute.

So yep, we're doing the Disney thing next week.  So I can't guarantee regular posts, but I'll try to figure something out, just so you three readers wont miss me too hard.  Maybe I'll even write a few advance posts and schedule them to post in my absence!  A real, professional blogger would probably do that!  I'm such an amateur.  An amateur who may not have nearly enough time to write a couple of decent advance posts.  But I'll try.  I mean, I have to get a pedicure!  What am I, an animal??  I can't go to Disney with bare toes!  Jeeze, you guys. 

Ah, time's up.  Gotta get out of this warm cozy bed, and get the day started.  Happy weekend!  And don't forget to link up below!

*So, I'm linking one of my other Friday Five's here, to get the ball rolling.  Obviously, I can't link today's post there, because I'd just be sending you back to this and it would be all confusing.  In fact, I'm confused already.  Anyway, please don't leave me hanging here, all alone at my party.  All hopeful, holding a tray of appetizers.  Just waiting.  Like a loser.  That would be really humiliating.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

don't you just love love?

Don't you just love love?  

I'm feeling a little lovey today, because it's Valentine's Day probably.  So I thought I'd share a few Pinterst-y sentiments that for one reason or another, make me feel something love-ish.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Friday Five Blog Hop? Yes, yes it is.

It's not Friday yet.  My friend Pam encouraged me to turn this little feature that I normally do on Fridays into a blog hop, so here I am.  Turning this little feature into a blog hop.   So, if you're new to this blog, it's pretty simple and straightforward - you write a post on Friday - just 5 minutes.  It could be a wrap up of your week, it could be a miscellaneous ramble, a to-do list, a grocery list... anything.  I was thinking maybe if people are interested, there could even be a weekly topic.  I don't know...

I started doing Friday Fives because it feels easy and not overwhelming to get five minutes of writing out.  Most times I just open the floodgates and ramble.  Usually I ramble regardless of the day, because that's how I roll, but whatever.  So if you're into it, go ahead and ramble too, and share those ramblings in the linky that I'll put at the bottom of the page on Friday.

Come on, just do it.  I'm inviting you in advance, even.  It would be rude not to join in.  Like blowing off a party because you're too "busy."  Come on, we all know that you're in your pj's on the couch watching back episodes of The Biggest Loser, you're not fooling anyone.  Wait... that could be me.

ANYWAY, my post will be the first on the link.  Just to get the ball rolling.  Woo, now I'm nervous.  What if nobody shows up??  What if I'm all standing here like a loser and nobody comes to my blog hop??!  That may or may not have happened before, and I might have had a tear in my eye.  Maybe I should put out some appetizers... maybe some wine...


Yeah, a button!  Like all of the cool blog hops!  So you can put it on your page!  So other people can see it and maybe join in too!

Well that just escalated quickly, didn't it?  I think I will calm down make a button.

aaaaannnnnnddd.....  I did it.  Just like that.  Here is the button:

blog hop button photo bloghop1.jpg

What do you think?

Now, I just need to figure out how to make my grab button code.  It's hard!  And technical!  I'm working on it.  In the meantime, start thinking about your Friday Five posts!

Monday, February 11, 2013

please... not the summer sausage...

Today's list is supposed to be 10 things that you probably shouldn't give me as a gift.

So, I am such a happy gift receiver.  I don't really care if it's a vacuum, I just like when someone thinks enough of me to give me something, anything that they think will bring me a moment of happiness.  Getting gifts from people that aren't like, my immediate family makes me feel a little awkward.  I never feel like my reaction is right and I overthink it.  But still, it makes me happy that someone thought of me.

I suppose, like anything, there are a few exceptions to that rule.  I suppose that I can't say I like EVERYthing.  But honestly, even if I didn't like it, I'd like you, for trying.

Probably it wouldn't be a great idea if you got me a small rodent-type animal, like a gerbil, or hamster or rat or something.  I don't have a great track record with those gross little things.  My sister Jen and I had gerbils when we were younger, named Scamper and Whiskers.   I am horrified to admit that Whiskers may have eaten Scamper.  And it may or may not have been because we forgot to feed them for a little while.

Clothes are hard.  I hate everything.  I hate shopping for me and trying things on and things fitting me ugly and oh.  Clothes kind of stress me out.  Nudity stresses me out quite a bit more though, so clothes are definitely not optional.  Just probably not the best idea for a gift.

In that same genre, definitely don't get me underwear or lingerie.  For all of the reasons above.

I'd avoid giving me summer sausage.  Probably because I wouldn't  eat it, I'd just regift it to my sister Ali because she loves summer sausage.  That's what she said.  Heh.

On that same note, I think it wouldn't be the smartest idea to give me smelly cheese.  I love cheese with a good portion of my heart, don't get me wrong, just not those gross fancy smelly ones.  I have a weak stomach.

A doll.  A doll is a bad idea as a gift for me.  Because I am a grown up, that's why.

A stuffed animal, because, once again, I am a grown up.  I sleep with a 7 year old glued to my body most of the time.  There is no room for a teddy bear in my bed.  Unless his name is Ian Somerhalder.  Then I'll shove over.  Did I just say that out loud?

Some exercise equipment or a scale.  You know, unless I ask for it of course.  Otherwise, I don't exactly need any subtle hints that you think I am a fatass.  Trust me, I am already aware of the status of my ass.  Very aware.

A football.  Because you know, I don't really play that game.

And finally, cleaning supplies.  Oh, I'll take a vacuum, just don't give me Pledge or laundry detergent or something similar.  Because you know, I can buy that myself, and there is nothing at all thoughtful about that.

So there you have it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

a blizzardy friday five

It's late!  It's still Friday though, so I'm posting a quick five minute ramble. 

Here in upstate NY, we're kind of snowed in.  It's snowing so hard right now, and I'm all warm and cozy inside.  Unfortunately without a crackling fire, but cozy anyway. The dishwasher is running, the kids and their friends are set up for a sleepover in the playroom, and I'm just about ready to eat my super late dinner.  Grilled cheese and homemade chicken orzo soup.  Yummo to comfort food during a snowstorm.

It just occurred to me that yes, it is almost 10 at night and I haven't yet eaten dinner.  It's been one of those days where nothing has happened in a timely fashion.  It's definitely the blizzardly conditions.  Time gets wacky when you're in pj's and holed up watching snow fall like crazy.  It's thundersnow!  Have you ever heard of that?  So cool.

We should be getting a lot more snow, apparently.  I'm perfectly OK with that.  I love a good snowstorm.  I thought we were pretty much done with that for the season, so it's a happy surprise.  I'm expecting tomorrow to be all wet snow pants and mittens and hot cocoa and pink cheeks.  It's going to be a good day.

Time's up, time for dinner.  Happy, snowy weekend to you!

Let it be noted that I am aware that I said snow 9 times in this post.  Now 10.  Shoot, where's my thesaurus?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I just have a low tolerance for dumbasses.

I just read this article that said women are more prone to road rage than men are.  I guess it doesn't surprise me all that much.  Women have a tendency to fly off the handle over the small things.  Not all women, relax lady readers.  Apparently, there are some pretty angry drivers out there, both male and female.

I've compiled a little list of some things you might hear me mumbling if you happen to be driving with me.  I also mutter these things while I am alone and people are driving like a bunch of dumbasses.  I really don't think I have road rage at all.  I just have a low tolerance for dumbasses.

This is not me.  I know this because I'm not quite that aggressive.

So you're going to cut me off then slow down??  Really?

Pick up the pace!

What the hell is this guy doing?

You can turn your signal off now dumbass....

Really??  Really buddy??  That's what you're going to do??

Oh, OH!  That was a close one.

Ah come on Mister, move!

SHIT.  Cop!  


DUDE.  Dude.


Oh my God, seriously??

Hello??  Turn signal much??

Are you freaking kidding me??

What the FUCK are you doing??

One lane.  You get ONE lane, buddy boy.

Oh, you wanna ride my ass?  I can play this game allll day...

MOVE, jackass.

High beams.  High beams!  HIGH BEAMS!  Jeeze.

You did NOT just pull out on me.  

Oh my God!  Dick.

You better settle down over there, Mario.

Hey!  That was MY go.

Uh, it's your right of way buddy!

YIELD!  We're yielding, not stopping!

Oops, sorry!  SORRY! ::apologetic wave::

::pre-thank you wave::  I'm merging in. Riiiiiiight. Now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

pretty much the best cards ever

I'm sharing a bunch of my favorite etsy Valentine's Day cards.  Because I'm all sharing like that.  Step into my brain... 

Monday, February 4, 2013

kinda like US magazine

This is a girl post.  About pocketbooks.

If you choose to continue, don't say I didn't warn you!  And please please don't lump me with the girlie bloggers.  I hate being lumped, it's my worst thing.

Moving on.

You know that feature in US Magazine, where they take a random celebrity and have them dump their purse?  Well, that's my assignment for today, for the Monday Listicle.  I'm sharing ten things in my purse with you.  It was a stretch let me tell you, because I don't often carry a purse.  I am anti-purse, pro-pocket.  I'd rather cram my debit card, some cash and lip balm in a pocket than carry around a purse.  I will never understand the appeal of a massive bag.

Anyway, here you go... the ultra exciting contents of my purse...

 1.  A little wallet, which incidentally isn't used to hold money.  Because I cram cash all over the place in there, no rhyme or reason.  I have credit cards and a license in there though.

2.  Debit card - can't go anywhere without that baby.

3.  Multiple Subway cards, which after my last *chicken/hair sandwich,  I might decide to toss.  There are several cards because every time I go in, I forget to bring the card I used the last time.

4.  Burt's Bees lip balm.  Can't live without it.  I am definitely addicted.

5.  Hair clip.  It's always good to carry a clip - never know when you might need to get your hair under control.

6.  Black inky pen.  There is no other pen that makes me quite so happy.

7.  Motrin 800.  I need to have one handy in case something hurts.  And sadly, something always seems to hurt.

8.  Cash.  

9.  Lip gloss, in case you need to look semi-made up. I find that a little lip gloss goes a long way.

10. Yummy Tic-Tacs.  I love those little things.  Orange used to be my favorite flavor, but right now I'm digging the multi-colored ones.

...and a bonus sort of 11.  The invisible fireball.  I always carry fireballs with me, but I am all out!  So it is not included in the picture.

*regarding the chicken/hair sandwich from Subway: last week I got a 6" chicken sub and 3/4 of the way into it, I found a nice, long hair.  A hair that was definitely not my own.  I know this because it definitely wasn't the gorgeous shade of pink I am currently rocking.  Ugh.

Also, sorry for the weird pixilations - I was messing around with them on picmonkey and didn't really have the time to fix it.

Friday, February 1, 2013

what happens when dads are in charge

Little jump? WooHOO!

Why yes, that IS a snow mustache!  And an extra large jump.  And NO HAT.  

Um, OK!!  Mom says it's time to come home!!
All of the dads took all of the kids on a sledding adventure after the holidays, promising pictures of the events upon return. 

Sometimes, the differences in how men and woman parent are pretty subtle.  And sometimes, they are the exact opposite of subtle.  I'm so glad I wasn't there in person, I so would have freaked out, turning into an annoying, hovering helicopter mom.

I know Alex makes sure the kids are safe.  I know if he isn't paying attention, one of the other dads is.   And I know, when my kids come in from a dad adventure yapping a mile a minute about how much fun they had, smiles plastered across their cold rosy cheeks, it's OK that we parent differently.   Better than OK, actually.  Because where I might be nervous to let them try something I think is dangerous, Alex is a bit more adventurous.  Kids need adventures! 

Right??  Adventures, and helmets!  Definitely helmets...


**Disclaimer: NO bones were broken in the making of this fun.