Friday, February 8, 2013

a blizzardy friday five

It's late!  It's still Friday though, so I'm posting a quick five minute ramble. 

Here in upstate NY, we're kind of snowed in.  It's snowing so hard right now, and I'm all warm and cozy inside.  Unfortunately without a crackling fire, but cozy anyway. The dishwasher is running, the kids and their friends are set up for a sleepover in the playroom, and I'm just about ready to eat my super late dinner.  Grilled cheese and homemade chicken orzo soup.  Yummo to comfort food during a snowstorm.

It just occurred to me that yes, it is almost 10 at night and I haven't yet eaten dinner.  It's been one of those days where nothing has happened in a timely fashion.  It's definitely the blizzardly conditions.  Time gets wacky when you're in pj's and holed up watching snow fall like crazy.  It's thundersnow!  Have you ever heard of that?  So cool.

We should be getting a lot more snow, apparently.  I'm perfectly OK with that.  I love a good snowstorm.  I thought we were pretty much done with that for the season, so it's a happy surprise.  I'm expecting tomorrow to be all wet snow pants and mittens and hot cocoa and pink cheeks.  It's going to be a good day.

Time's up, time for dinner.  Happy, snowy weekend to you!

Let it be noted that I am aware that I said snow 9 times in this post.  Now 10.  Shoot, where's my thesaurus?


  1. I like this Friday five idea of yours. Ever consider making it a Friday hop? Lucky you with the snow. We've got temps in the 60s. UGH.

    1. The hop is happening!! Friday Five Hop, coming right up.

  2. Stay safe and have a hot toddy for me!

    1. :) Thanks V. V.
      What is a hot toddy anyway?