Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Friday Five Blog Hop? Yes, yes it is.

It's not Friday yet.  My friend Pam encouraged me to turn this little feature that I normally do on Fridays into a blog hop, so here I am.  Turning this little feature into a blog hop.   So, if you're new to this blog, it's pretty simple and straightforward - you write a post on Friday - just 5 minutes.  It could be a wrap up of your week, it could be a miscellaneous ramble, a to-do list, a grocery list... anything.  I was thinking maybe if people are interested, there could even be a weekly topic.  I don't know...

I started doing Friday Fives because it feels easy and not overwhelming to get five minutes of writing out.  Most times I just open the floodgates and ramble.  Usually I ramble regardless of the day, because that's how I roll, but whatever.  So if you're into it, go ahead and ramble too, and share those ramblings in the linky that I'll put at the bottom of the page on Friday.

Come on, just do it.  I'm inviting you in advance, even.  It would be rude not to join in.  Like blowing off a party because you're too "busy."  Come on, we all know that you're in your pj's on the couch watching back episodes of The Biggest Loser, you're not fooling anyone.  Wait... that could be me.

ANYWAY, my post will be the first on the link.  Just to get the ball rolling.  Woo, now I'm nervous.  What if nobody shows up??  What if I'm all standing here like a loser and nobody comes to my blog hop??!  That may or may not have happened before, and I might have had a tear in my eye.  Maybe I should put out some appetizers... maybe some wine...


Yeah, a button!  Like all of the cool blog hops!  So you can put it on your page!  So other people can see it and maybe join in too!

Well that just escalated quickly, didn't it?  I think I will calm down make a button.

aaaaannnnnnddd.....  I did it.  Just like that.  Here is the button:

blog hop button photo bloghop1.jpg

What do you think?

Now, I just need to figure out how to make my grab button code.  It's hard!  And technical!  I'm working on it.  In the meantime, start thinking about your Friday Five posts!