Monday, February 4, 2013

kinda like US magazine

This is a girl post.  About pocketbooks.

If you choose to continue, don't say I didn't warn you!  And please please don't lump me with the girlie bloggers.  I hate being lumped, it's my worst thing.

Moving on.

You know that feature in US Magazine, where they take a random celebrity and have them dump their purse?  Well, that's my assignment for today, for the Monday Listicle.  I'm sharing ten things in my purse with you.  It was a stretch let me tell you, because I don't often carry a purse.  I am anti-purse, pro-pocket.  I'd rather cram my debit card, some cash and lip balm in a pocket than carry around a purse.  I will never understand the appeal of a massive bag.

Anyway, here you go... the ultra exciting contents of my purse...

 1.  A little wallet, which incidentally isn't used to hold money.  Because I cram cash all over the place in there, no rhyme or reason.  I have credit cards and a license in there though.

2.  Debit card - can't go anywhere without that baby.

3.  Multiple Subway cards, which after my last *chicken/hair sandwich,  I might decide to toss.  There are several cards because every time I go in, I forget to bring the card I used the last time.

4.  Burt's Bees lip balm.  Can't live without it.  I am definitely addicted.

5.  Hair clip.  It's always good to carry a clip - never know when you might need to get your hair under control.

6.  Black inky pen.  There is no other pen that makes me quite so happy.

7.  Motrin 800.  I need to have one handy in case something hurts.  And sadly, something always seems to hurt.

8.  Cash.  

9.  Lip gloss, in case you need to look semi-made up. I find that a little lip gloss goes a long way.

10. Yummy Tic-Tacs.  I love those little things.  Orange used to be my favorite flavor, but right now I'm digging the multi-colored ones.

...and a bonus sort of 11.  The invisible fireball.  I always carry fireballs with me, but I am all out!  So it is not included in the picture.

*regarding the chicken/hair sandwich from Subway: last week I got a 6" chicken sub and 3/4 of the way into it, I found a nice, long hair.  A hair that was definitely not my own.  I know this because it definitely wasn't the gorgeous shade of pink I am currently rocking.  Ugh.

Also, sorry for the weird pixilations - I was messing around with them on picmonkey and didn't really have the time to fix it.


  1. I love tic tacs too!! great list.

  2. Dear Lord, I am such a "be prepared for any and all tragic/apocolypse/spontaneous circumstances" kinda girl. I own two medium sized purses (I KNOW, so missing the purse/shoe gene) one black and one brown. But each is stocked (in that little inside pocket) with 6 quarters for unforseen parking meters, 2 bandaides, advil, 3 floss sticks, a tampon, hair clips, a pack of gum, and oil blotting sheets. My wallet is in there, obviously, with a small bag of make-up if I'm going out for the day. But the ESSENTIAL element that I will literally go back to the house should I perfume. I. Am. An. Addict. I wear it to bed at night and when I'm alone in the house, and....*sigh* So sad. Is there a group for this??

  3. Massive bags don't appeal to me either. However long gone are my days of being able to carry a cute little clutch or shoving the necessities into my pocket. Diabetes took care of that. I have my glucose meter, insulin, needles, glucose tabs and usually some sort of candy. Automatically disqualifies me for the cute TINY clutch.

  4. Nice. My purse is mainly filled with my wallet and receipts.

  5. You have the essentials: Tic Tacs and Motrin. You're like a Girl Scout. :) Ellen

  6. I did not know there are colored tictac! I want!!