Hello there.

Hello there.

Welcome to my often wordy, long-winded blog. What you'll find here is a little variety of thoughts and observations, lots of lists, and some stories about my every day life. Usually with a little bit of humor sprinkled in for good measure.

I am: a wife and mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a solo traveler. I have been described as: shy, independent, loyal, loving, non-judgemental, long-winded, patient, impatient, introverted, considerate, brave, empathetic, creative, fun to be around and funny. When I have had a few drinks, I am described a little bit differently, which is why I don't usually have a few drinks.  

I feel fortunate enough to be able to spend my time taking care of my family and our household, and have not formally worked outside of our home for almost 11 years. Some people prefer to go to their job, and I guess I prefer to remain at my job every single hour of every single day. :)

I like that I can be available to my husband and kids when they need me. I also like that I can bring my kids back and forth to school, that I am the first one they greet after a long day, and that life doesn't have to be crazy and rushed and scheduled to death. I can take care of my family, neaten my house, pay my bills, go to appointments, make dinner (haha), grocery shop and enjoy some quiet and peaceful time to myself. I like that I can do all of the things that may seem overwhelming if I had only a limited time to accomplish them.

I understand that not everybody can or wants to do this. Being the one home the most can truly be exhausting, and sometimes overwhelming -- my day starts the moment I open my eyes, and doesn't really ever end. I think any mom (or dad) can understand that.

I started this blog when I became a sort of empty nester, when my youngest child started pre-school and I found myself without a little sidekick attached to me for several hours every day. There have been a few bumps when writing stopped being fun and felt more like a chore, and I've taken a few breaks to re-evaluate. I've found that over time things here have evolved, leading me to make a few blog changes here and there.  

I hope you'll stick around so we can get to know each other. I welcome and appreciate your thoughts, opinions and comments!