Monday, February 2, 2015

you googled that? v4

Glad I unfriended you on Facebook - I remember this post.  The one where I was discussing that I wished I could tell who has unfriended me so I could glare at them from afar.

Great conversation enders - Oh, everyone needs great conversation enders.  I'm glad you were directed to me for that because I am a champion tapper-outer.  It's my best quality.

Newborn baby boy testicles - You guys are gross.

Hey Jessee's tits - This very well may be referring to the kid's TV show, "Hey Jessie," and her t-words.  Because there is no way anybody is googling me for that.

How to hot dog snappy - Hm.  What do you think someone meant by that?  My imagination is going in all sorts of directions.

Turned on by hipsters - Well aren't we all?  Well, not the asshole holier-than-thou hipsters, obviously.

Muffies - I'm going to choose to think someone was searching for a muffin recipe here.  And wouldn't you know, I actually posted a muffin recipe back in the day.

Mischievous girl - I'm OK with this, though I'm not sure why google sent someone here for that.  I like to think I'm a mischievous girl.  I like to keep people guessing.

Define wogging - Oh, I will define wogging.  Don't worry young grasshopper, just click here.

Gross things that make you puke - well, I get this.  I do believe that I have a weakness for gross things that make me puke.  I mean, a weak belly that wants to puke when gross things are in the vicinity, like phlegm, or vomit, or dog poop or maggots.

Guess the movie baby deer - Probably got sent to the post where I discussed how Walt Disney was probably kind of psycho.