50 in Ten

I wanted to do a 40 by 40 bucket list, but I never got around to it.  So now that I am forty(ish), I guess I am turning this into a 50 by 50.  Which is cool because I get to add ten things to my list.  But really, I don't want to be 50 years old, so I am calling this a 50 in 10 list.  As in 10 years.  Or so. :)

1.   Visit the Canadian Rockies

2.   Buy a ukelele

3.   See the Grand Canyon up close and personal

4.   Go to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC (I didn't do this but I changed my mind.  I decided I hate that idea)

5.   Go to Hawaii

6.   Take a photography class

7.   Go to BlogHer (Haven't done this but also decided that I hate this idea)

8.   Read the Harry Potter Series

9.   See sea turtles hatch and make their way into the ocean

10. Take a cross country RV Road trip

11. Go rock climbing

12. Take Tae Kwon Do classes

13. Have an 80's movie marathon with someone I knew in the 80's

14. Go to Vegas

15. Have a conversation with someone famous

16. Spend the night in a treehouse

17. Take a train through Canada

18. Learn how to snowboard

19. Make my own website

20. Go to Lake Tahoe

21. See my favorite pianist play a few tunes in person

22. Go to every state in the US

23. See a huge Redwood

24. Walk in a desert

24. Learn how to play the cello

25. Learn simple sign language

26. Stand under a huge waterfall

27. Go on a solo camping trip

29. Go on a cruise

30. Get my fortune told (The guy was a total freak.  But eerily accurate.  Yikes.)

31. Go in a hot spring

32. Finish a Rubik's cube

33. Teach myself to juggle

34. Attach a lock to a love bridge with someone I love

35. Go white water rafting

36. Ride in a hot air balloon

37. See the Northern lights

38. Learn how to start a fire without matches

39. See a flashmob in person

40. Learn how to drive a motorcycle

41. Go on a zip line

42. Stand at the 4 corners

43. Get a pedicure

44. Learn how to shoot a gun

45. Learn how to knit

46. Ride in a helicopter

47. See Stonehenge

48. Go to Fiji

49. Ride through the mountains on the back of a motorcycle

50. Get a tiny hidden tattoo