Monday, February 10, 2014

it's monday. again.

Jeez, it's Monday already.  And it's actualy almost mid-February!  I can't even believe that.  Mid February means it's practically my birthday, so yay for birthdays!  But, boo for being an old hag.

Incidentally, have you ever written  post in the bathtub?  No?  Uh... me neither.

Moving on.

I'm hitting the road soon, making my way out to my very favorite mid-western "legal to buy pot" state.  Hitting the road does not mean I am driving there.  Of course I'm flying.  I love to fly.  Is that weird?

So yeah, I'm heading to Colorado.  I haven't been out there in a year or so, so I am looking forward to sticking my feet on that rocky mountain soil that I so love.  Breathing some good mountain air.  Ahhh...  I can't wait.  

I am not much of a planner of activities... I kind of prefer to let things just happen, but I have been thinking of some things that I'd like to do while I'm out there.  I'd like to visit Golden and Boulder.  I'm staying in Denver, but I kind of want to drive around and take some good day trips.

I'll keep you posted!