Thursday, February 28, 2013

one last word, v9

The other day I saw this thing in People magazine called "The World According to..." and it was a little mini- interview type thing with Josh Groban.  Who actually happens to be a really funny guy.  I have no idea if it is like, a weekly feature, but the questions they asked him were different than the questions you usually see out there.

And I love questions.  Asking and answering them.  Fill in the blank, either/or, straight up curiosity ones... I'm all about the questions.  I like to dig deep.

So I answered them too.  Because I'm just so not even as witty and interesting as Josh Groban of course. 

My biggest pet peeve, besides uttering the actual term "pet peeve," is probably dumb grammar.  I know being a grammar snob probably isn't the best thing to man up to, but it drives me nuts.  On the plus side though, I only correct my own children - not other people, which is something that I find kind of rude.  I hate when people don't grasp the whole me vs. I thing.  Like instead of saying, "That's for John and me,"  they'll say, "That's for John and I," which of course is not grammatically correct.  I seriously have seen those kinds of mistakes in actual books, with editors! I've also heard them on TV.  A huge offender is Allison Sweeney on The Biggest Loser.  I love her, but I want to reach through the TV and correct her all of the time.

My go-to karaoke song is non-existent.  I cannot get myself on a stage and speak coherently, much less sing in front of people.  A karaoke date would pretty much be my nightmare, and I would definitely have to be tanked in order to participate.  One of the very few times I actually sang Karaoke was with my sisters somewhere, and I was peer pressured into singing a Neil Diamond song, Sweet Caroline.  I may or may not have rocked the house.

The last time I went to an opera was a few years ago.  I am not typically an opera fan.  I've never really been into them, but my kid Kara was one of the leads in a show at college, Street Scene, and of course I went.  I'm not sure if it was because it was her show, but I definitely didn't hate it.  And she of course killed it.

My secret to a good hair day is to go to an expensive salon.  If I ever have a good hair day, that's why.  I mean, I can do my hair and it looks nice, for about 35 minutes.  I'll like, walk out of my bathroom feeling like a rockstar with nice hair, and before an hour is up, I'm like, what the hell?  I think it's because I have really thin hair.  It has no body whatsoever.  It just gets really flat fast.  Which is exactly why I am pro-pony tail.  And expensive salons.

The nerdiest thing about me may very well be my weird love of office supplies.  In all honesty, I could spend a ridiculous amount of time in Staples or Office Max, just longingly walking up and down the aisles.  I want everything.  I love Sharpies.  And folders.  And binders.  All of that stuff.  Maybe instead of being nerdy, that's just weird.

The biggest misconception about me is probably that I am snotty.  I think quiet people tend to get that a lot.  I absolutely do not think that I'm above you, I am just shyish, and I am not good at putting myself out there.  It really takes a while for me to warm up and join in.  I need to assess the situation first usually, and get a feel for the people that I'm in a conversation with.  Also, I've had people say they waved to me and I didn't wave back, and really, it's because I can't see!  Not because I am ignoring someone.  Promise!

My celebrity crush is hmm... Ryan Gosling.  I just find him really attractive in a non-threatening way.  Like, the super hot guys always seem to be dicks.  I think Ryan isn't your "typical" super hot guy, and in my thought process, that would make him be a good guy and not a jerk.  I also would probably not turn down a date with Ian Somerhalder.  And Jesse Williams.  I definitely would make out with either of them, even though Jesse is basically a baby and I am an old cougar.  Rawr.

(and segue into...)The best make out music.  In my opinion, it would probably be something not all slow and romantic-ish.  Is that weird?  Like, I think it would definitely lead to a hotter make out session if you were listening to something like Nine Inch Nails or The Cure - something like that.  Ah, I guess it depends on the mood.  Sometimes something slow and low and sexy, like a good tune from The Nationals or The Magnetic Fields would be the best kind of music for getting steamy.

What about you guys?  Want to answer some questions?


  1. High five to the grammar! I just read a blog that started out "This is my husband and I". I guess some people just didn't have the same wonderful grammar teachers that me had.

    1. LOL, I did have some great English teachers in school, but it was my grandfather that really made it a big deal. If we messed up, he would either ignore us, or repeat the wrong sentence over and over again, until we actually realized what was going on and corrected ourselves. Like, if I said, "Me and Jackie went to school." He'd say, "Me and Jackie?" and I'd say, "Yeah." and he'd say "Me and Jackie?" My dad did the same thing. It got old quick, let me tell you! It was quite a grammar motivator. LOL