Thursday, February 7, 2013

I just have a low tolerance for dumbasses.

I just read this article that said women are more prone to road rage than men are.  I guess it doesn't surprise me all that much.  Women have a tendency to fly off the handle over the small things.  Not all women, relax lady readers.  Apparently, there are some pretty angry drivers out there, both male and female.

I've compiled a little list of some things you might hear me mumbling if you happen to be driving with me.  I also mutter these things while I am alone and people are driving like a bunch of dumbasses.  I really don't think I have road rage at all.  I just have a low tolerance for dumbasses.

This is not me.  I know this because I'm not quite that aggressive.

So you're going to cut me off then slow down??  Really?

Pick up the pace!

What the hell is this guy doing?

You can turn your signal off now dumbass....

Really??  Really buddy??  That's what you're going to do??

Oh, OH!  That was a close one.

Ah come on Mister, move!

SHIT.  Cop!  


DUDE.  Dude.


Oh my God, seriously??

Hello??  Turn signal much??

Are you freaking kidding me??

What the FUCK are you doing??

One lane.  You get ONE lane, buddy boy.

Oh, you wanna ride my ass?  I can play this game allll day...

MOVE, jackass.

High beams.  High beams!  HIGH BEAMS!  Jeeze.

You did NOT just pull out on me.  

Oh my God!  Dick.

You better settle down over there, Mario.

Hey!  That was MY go.

Uh, it's your right of way buddy!

YIELD!  We're yielding, not stopping!

Oops, sorry!  SORRY! ::apologetic wave::

::pre-thank you wave::  I'm merging in. Riiiiiiight. Now.


  1. Pretty sure you've bugged my car and just wrote down everything that was recorded. ;)

  2. LOL, after re-reading this, I feel that I might sound a little aggressive. But I'm all talk :)