Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A tuna standoff of epic proportions

This is a story of a slight power struggle regarding tuna.

I have a weak constitution. I hate smelly smells - they make me gag. This is not new news. Personally, I would never make tuna fish and then turn it into a leftover.  Because really, who does that??  Does anyone EVER eat the rest of the tuna after it has been sitting there in the fridge for a few days?  No!  Nobody does!  Because that would be gross! And potentially vomit inducing. And besides, is that small plop of extra tuna going to make or break your sandwich anyway??

So apparently, my husband thinks leftover tuna is a good idea.
If I open the leftover container thing, the smell will 100 % make me throw up, so being the kind wife that I am, I left the tuna on the side of the sink for my husband to discretely clean out at his leisure. That happened approximately eight LEISURE FILLED days ago, but who's counting? At this point, the leftover tuna has gone from the fridge (still looking kind of appetizing), to the kitchen counter (wouldn't eat it with a ten foot pole), to the back porch (disgusting and moldy and drippy, ugh). Which is where it patiently waits for (insert air quotes here) "someone" to dispose of it. I think we all know who "someone" is. We are currently encroaching on day 9 of the counter to porch move.

I'd say it is safe to assume we have reached a tuna standoff of epic proportions. It reminds me of a goldfish cracker standoff that lasted an embarrassing amount of time. As you would assume, there was ONE lone goldfish on the floor for weeks. WEEKS! I'm sadly not even kidding. It became a thing to me, to see how long it would take for someone to bend down and pick it up without me asking - I mean, it wasn't off the beaten path or anything, it was right in our normal living space! There are five people in this freaking place!    

Any betters out there who care to make a wager on how long the disgusting tuna will remain on the porch?


  1. That is just fantastic!! I am with you on the "barely- use- once-never-twice" rule. That may just be as bad as little kid poopie underwear....and my solution was just to throw the dang things in the trash...because I ain't cleaning that shhhhhhtuff!

    1. Oh I have definitely just tossed little kid poopie drawers - so not even necessary to go there!

  2. Firstly, how in the world can you post every day? I have a hard time doing it 3 times a week and last week I only did once. Anyway...Yeah, I just use all the tuna because no one is going to eat that last tablespoon and I hate wasting food. Good for you for holding firm on the standoff. I would have given up and just done it myself. Of course, any food on the floor is taken care of pretty quickly by the dogs.

    1. LOL, I will totally get burned out with the m-f posting schedule. It's happened before. But I like to write, so I try to get to it during the week when I'm not really doing much. I have been accused of being rather long-winded, so I never seem to run out of things to talk about, lol. There are definitely days when the content is SO LACKING though.