Tuesday, March 29, 2016

tuna standoff update, burglars and pants in public

So last week I posted about An Epic Tuna Standoff, and I am happy to report that a mere 14 days into the standoff, the disgusting tuna container thing was miraculously removed from the back porch and cleaned.

At this point, we haven't spoken of it. For all I know, a burglar could have come in and cleaned that gross thing. Except that would be such a great burglar, wouldn't it? A burglar who comes and cleans, and maybe just like, steals something little. I'd invite him over to vacuum the family room if he was into it.

Why did I assume the burglar was a guy?  If you were my niece you might think that was very sexist of me.  Welp. I guess it was. I cant help but assume a burglar is a guy. Bad guys are guys, usually. Right?

On a similar note, isn't burglar a great word?  I don't think too many people use it anymore, and that is a damn shame. I never hear anyone say that they were burgled. Could be that there is less burgling happening these days, but who knows. I'm going to try to say burglar a lot more often.

I'd like to point out that I said burglar or some form of burglar at least 47 times in just a few paragraphs.

Fine, 47 was a slight exaggeration, but I think I was pretty close.

So, it's Tuesday.  WooHOO! Not sure why that is exciting, but I'm sure it is for some people. I have been lazy on my comfy office couch, reading, making vacation plans, drinking coffee, that kind of stuff. I have avoided any real, job/type obligations, such as laundry, dishes, eating, showering, vacuuming... I just haven't gotten around to it with all of the fabulous laziness. I suppose I should get my ass in gear because there is really only about an hour of peaceful quiet left in my day. Then, I have to be on, ready to answer questions and chat and feed small people.

Speaking of feeding small people, if I don't run to the grocery store, I will have nothing to feed people with, because the cupboards are pretty bare. Hey, I sounded like Old Mother Hubbard right there... which unfortunately isn't all that much of a stretch.

So anyway, I'm off. I will brush my hair and put on pants to look presentable at the grocery store, but only because it's more acceptable to wear pants in public. But that's IT, and I won't like it! And as soon as I get home I will put my comfy clothes back on and resume my position. In case you were wondering. :)

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