Friday, March 4, 2016

my night at home, and also, hey! this is my 1,000th post!

Hey, I just realized this will be my 1,000th post! Jeez, it's not even going to be a good/interesting/exciting/humorous post! I have nothing great planned for this momentous event! I'm so lame. Sorry.

Anyway, some magazine I read had this feature called "My Night at Home," and it was one of those things where a celebrity fills in the blank so we can all read it and feel some connection to how "normal" they actually are.

In case you were interested in what my night at home looks like, OK let's be real, pretty much every night I have is a night at home, because I don't usually go out on the town. In case you didn't know, I am a complete introvert that likes being in my comfy clothes and likes hanging in my own cozy space. But because it's Friday (wooHOO! TGIF GUYS!) I will be like a celebrity and give you all of the dirty details from last night's night at home. I know you can't wait.

My night at home, 

I watched very little on TV because Alex was out of town overnight for a few meetings. I can't watch any of our shows without him because that's just TV cheating and that's not very nice. Also, when nobody is home, I kind of like the peace and quiet.

I shopped online for something a little weird. I want to try to make some of my own make-up, so I shopped for some of the ingredients I need, like Shea butter and arrowroot powder and weird stuff like that. Also the little jars and things to put the make-up in once I've made it.

I called Alex, because he wasn't home. And also, he's one of the few people I talk with on the phone. I hate talking on the phone. Come to think of it, he probably called me.

I kissed my kids goodnight. That's it. No other kissing occurred, damn it.

I texted Alex a few times because you know, he texted me first, so I answered. I'm often nice like that. Also my friend Melissa to firm up plans between our kids for Friday.

I wore comfy grey PJ pants, a black tank top and a black zip up hoodie. And slippers. Definitely slippers. I typically wear some version of this every night. I love to be comfy.

I hung out with my own self. See above. I am perfectly fine hanging alone. I like it, actually.

I listened to playlist after playlist on Spotify. I organized a few of them, actually. I love organizing my tunes. And listening to them.

I laughed at something, probably. Or maybe not.

I cooked a grilled cheese sandwich. I am a fan of the grilled cheese sandwich... all warm and cheesy. Yum.

Which reminds me that I have forgotten to eat lunch. Good thing because wow, my nights are pretty boring, now that I look at it all spelled out for all of the world to see. I'm not offended if you concur because those are actually my favorite kind of nights. Quiet, calm, peaceful and grilled cheese. Works for me!

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