Sunday, March 20, 2016

365pics4u: A photo a day Challenge, Days 8 - 14

So I've decided to do a photo a day challenge. The goal is to take a picture a day for 365 days. If you like photography and you feel like sharing some original shots, jump in at any point! Just start with day one and share a link to your post in the comments below. You can also share them on insta (follow me:jesseeb), just be sure to tag me and hashtag 365pics4u, so everyone can check them out! The shots should be your own, and can be anything that you think works with the category of the day. There are no wrong photos. I'll post my week of photos every Sunday. 

This week's photos:

Day 8: DOOR


Day 10: CLOVER

Day 11: DOCK

Day 12: FOG

Day 13: PATH

Day 14: EGG

Don't forget next weeks photos!

Day 15: PEACE
Day 16: BLACK and WHITE
Day 17: SPRING
Day 18: ANIMAL
Day 20: DRIVE
Day 21: SUNSET

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