Tuesday, July 10, 2012

you googled that?? part two

OK, another edition of you googled that?  Because people are freaking weird.  And I'm a little concerned that their weirdness brought them to my innocent little boring old blog.

So these two gems were recently googled, "can sloths eat dough?" and "supermodels with camel toes," and they were directed to my blog.  This post in particular.  Geez.  And, omg.  Sherilin totally called it - she said I'd get a bunch of pervy pervs searching for gross things, and she was right.

Someone searched "i hate blowing my nose," and got sent to this post.  To the one who googled that, I feel ya sister.

I don't really get "mothers who teach their daughters to go braless."  I mean yes, I said bra-less, but not in the respect that I was trying to teach my kid to go without.  I thought that post was about Boss Hogg and teachers.

Someone googled "Corey Haim dirty movie bucker" and found their way to this post about my top ten 80's teen crushes.  Well I did discuss Corey Haim, but I didn't call him a dirty bucker.  Whatever that means.

"Close talkers" could have brought someone to several of my posts, because I mention it every so often because it is a thing that really bugs me.  But they were sent here, to my post about... you guessed it!  Close talkers!

OK, so in searching "hairy guys in leather jackets," someone was sent to this post, where I discuss in detail a bunch of sucky dates that I have been on in the past.  One of the sucky dates was with a super hairy guy, and another one was with a guy in a green pleather jacket.  So yeah.  Makes sense.

"False girdle advertisements" and "Bombshell Bra" understandably came to this post, where I talk about SPANX and the fact that wearing them is technically false advertisement if you're trying to pick up a guy.

So sheesh.  It's kind of interesting and disturbing to see what terms are bringing people to your blog.  So like, if you've made your way here and you're freaking weird, you can go now.  Thanks.

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  1. Holy crap, that's funny. I need to do a better job of looking at my stats. Now, I'm totally curious. Good stuff. And yes, you probably do attract weird pervs. For the record, I am not one of them. :)