Monday, July 9, 2012

things she will miss and things she won't

I was reminded in the Huffington Post that in Nora Ephron's last book, "I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections," she listed what she will miss and what she won't miss, though she didn't really disclose her diagnosis of cancer.  She obviously knew that it wasn't in the cards for her to reach old age.  In the spirit of Nora Ephron's list, this week's listicle is things that I will miss and that I won't.  Just in case I don't have long for this world, I'll share.   Because you never know...

Things I Won't Miss
1.  Saying goodbye when I am not ready
2.  Worrying
3.  Bathing suits
4.  Department store mirrors and sucky lighting
5.  Wrinkles
6.  Dusting
7.  Dieting and juice fasts
8.  Fake people
9.  Guilt
10. People who judge each other
11. Crying
12. Feeling alone
13. Working out
14. People in my space
15. Bad breath
16. Close talkers
17. Feeling pressured
18. Aches
19. When it's too hot
20. Cold feet
21. Overthinking things
22. Feeling vulnerable
23. Stressing over what to wear
24. Being late
25. People who are needy and clingy

Things I will miss, besides my kids, husband and family
1.  Dreaming and wondering
2.  Long cozy baths
3.  Late night moonlit walks
4.  An amazing meal
5.  Warm sunny days
6.  Crunching fall leaves under my feet
7.  Sounds of deep, real laughter
8.  Singing great music in the car with my kids
9.  The smokey smell of a fireplace fire 
10. The smell right before it snows
11. The smell of clean skin
12. Warm snuggly sleepy kids in pjs
13. Catching a glimpse of a new wobbly baby deer
14. Dessert
15. Good converzation
16. Getaways
17. Loungey lazy days
18. Watching movies in bed
19. Foot rubs
20. Sparkley blue eyes
21. Pancakes with ridiculous amounts of butter and syrup
22. When the leaves change color
23. The mountains
24. Notes from my kids
25. Loving, and feeling loved

Well sheesh.  What a sad topic!  Now I may or may not have a little tear in my eye and a sniffle.


  1. Don't be sad. You already have everything you will miss and you are just old enough to avoid the things you would not miss. Great list!

  2. "Saying goodbye when I'm not ready"...I'm with you!

    Enjoyed your lists. :)