Tuesday, July 17, 2012

wait. what?

It's quiet.

Wait.  What?

I just shocked myself a little when I saw that in writing.  I actually did a quick panicked look around.  It's summer and it's quiet.  When my kids were little, if it was summer and quiet something was up.  Once, during Easter break, it was quiet and Megan was cutting a half mullet in her own hair. Right before a little family photo session.  Yep, that wasn't too attractive.  There was no way I was going to help her out and finish the other side either - just throw caution to the wind and COMPLETE the mullet.  No way.  At least with the half mullet nobody thought I was a mullet-loving mother.  I figured this way, anyone who was anyone would know that Megan played Beauty Parlor on herself.  I quickly came to the conclusion that she is a pretty sucky hairdresser.

A three-year-old with scissors.  Sheesh.  Where was her mom anyway?  In my defense, Megan was the best alone player out of all of my kids.  She would go in her room and play dollhouse for hours.  That is not an exaggeration.  And she was happy.  She's a little bit like her mama in that way, kind of a solitary being.  So really, Meg being quiet and out of my eyesight at the same time wasn't cause for alarm.

I went off topic.  Sorry.  I was just pointing out that it's quiet and it's summer.  Kind of an anomaly.  Right?  Well, the two girls are at day camp.  For the entire day.  And their camp happens to be about 40 minutes away, so it's like, the longest day ever here at home.  My kids were gone at like 7:30, and won't be back til probably 5:30ish.  Yow.  I kind of feel like I have all sorts of time to do nothing!

Except today I had to wait for a delivery.  The washer/dryer crapped out, so we needed a new one.  Since when do appliances start dying at just 8 years old?  That's not a very long life.  I mean, even in dog years it's barely middle aged!  I have a stackable unit because my laundry room is super narrow.  When we built the house, the plans called for the laundry to be where the mudroom is, downstairs.  I wanted a mudroom though, and I wanted a laundry room upstairs, so we kind of had to find a place to squeeze it in up there.  The washer part still actually worked fine, but the dryer was totally dead - so we just ended up replacing the entire unit.

Thank COD it got here today because for the past week, I have had laundry hanging all over my house.  A family of 6 generates a ton of laundry.  If I skip a day I'm screwed, you know?  Shockingly, even without a dryer, I have kept up with the laundry.  The towels are as hard and scratchy as cardboard with sandpaper glued to it, but hey.  They're clean!  It's kind of like exfoliating when you dry off after the shower.  I have a freaking spa going on every damn day here.  So it was time.  Time for the fluffy softness that only dryer dried clothes feel like.

Fluffy softness means a lot to me.  

The girls are out for the day, but Alex has been kicking around here, and he's been periodically up my ass about bringing him to Lowe's.  Want to know why?  He wants me to bring him to Lowe's so he can buy himself a shed.

Yep.  A shed.  He priced it out, convinced his buddies to pitch in, and now he wants me to bring him there to pick it up.  He even called his grandpa and secured the dump truck so I could help him get it home.  He can be very resourceful when it's necessary.  Sadly for Alex, I am not driving the non-air conditioned dump truck to Lowe's on a sweltering hot 95+ degree day for a shed (for my teenager).

You might wonder what the hell a 15-year-old is planning on doing with his own shed.  Well, that's a good question guys.  He wants his own fort-type place where he has to do the least amount of actual work to build, so he and his friends can hang out there with a refrigerator.  He is such a goof ball.  And I sometimes wonder where he came from.

But then, I was thinking that Bill Gates pretty much invented Microsoft in his shed and now he's a billionaire.  It may have been a garage that he invented Microsoft in, but whatever.  Close enough.  Maybe Alex is a genius and he's about to make billions in his shed!

Alex taking his big sister for a little ride
And maybe he's just a silly kid who wants to have a refrigerator in the woods.  


  1. I don't know, Jess, a shed of my own sounds pretty flippin' awesome to me!
    And btw: TOTALLY agree with you on the appliance thing. Ours are only about 4-5 yrs old, both have already been repaired once, and both broke again in the midst of all that chaos I had at our place last week. When I was growing up in the 70s/80s, we had ONE washer and dryer each the ENTIRE 18 years+ that i lived there.

  2. A shed. In the woods. You do realize there is a horror movie somewhere in those words. :)

  3. Gotta keep that beer cold in the fridge in the shed;)

  4. If you do decide to get him a shed with a fridge, please don't tell my husband. Then he'll whine that Alex gets to have one so why can't he have one, and then I'll have to get him a shed. :) Sucks about your dryer, dude. Fluffiness is key.

    PS: love your new bloggy look

    PPS: Sorry for stalking you this evening. I've been neglecting my faves lately, so I'm finally getting all caught up.