Wednesday, July 11, 2012

oh. 40.

It's my little sister Ali's 40th birthday today.  Wow.  She's old.  Which of course makes me old too, since she's younger than I am.

For her birthday, her husband had all of their family videos converted to DVD - such an awesome gift. I stopped over to have coffee like gentlemen this morning, and we watched a bunch of them - well, we only made it part way through the 4th one - there are 27.  Yow.  I see a lot of video watching in my future, because man, they are so great.

We all seem so young... the videos go back like 16 years.  Back when my skin was perfectly unwrinkled and I wore braids and bikinis and overall shorts (were they really in style?) and looked all cute and trim.  WTF.  

It's kind of motivating.  

I love listening to the kids voices, little.  My niece KK, I would recognize her kid voice anywhere.  My niece Abby too.  Their voices were so distinctive.  Kara was all small and had her same exact deep happy laugh.  There were some videos of little Alex so sweet and little and spitty, saying I love you mommy and aw.  It gave me a tear in my eye.  Ugh.  I miss my babies.

It's bad, when I see my kids as babies, so little and needing me.  Dangerous.  I can't help but imagine going there again.  Then I smack some sense into myself and shake it off.

I remember when my mom brought Ali home from the hospital, it was actually one of my earliest memories, because I was only like 2 1/2.  She was in this big white bassinet in our living room and I can remember tip toe peeking over the side to look at her, and mom shushing me and my sister Jen because baby Ali was sleeping.  As a little kid, she was always smiling, just the widest happiest smile.  She was this feisty little strong willed kid, but she definitely let me boss her around.  We played every day.  Doggies, house, teacher... we'd make mud pies in the back yard and play that we were the bakers at the "Short Stop," this little pizza place that also sold candy and ice cream cones in our town.  We'd swim and put on plays and dress up and run around the neighborhood knocking on doors and trig to get the neighbors to give us money for singing songs we made up.  We'd make up stories about being as small as a mouse and ride big wheels up and down the street and kick our little tiny pool balls all the way to school.  We'd be little trouble makers.

We went through a time where were less pals for a while, because she could be a little obnoxious.  I mean, when I was 15 and she was 13 - she was just a little kid with headgear who wore her hair in a tail.  She was always funny though.  We were definitely in different places for a while, pretty much til she had her first kid, my nephew Kieran.  Then we were moms, back on the same level.

So a little later we'll have some cake at her house because my mom still makes her a cake.  She's such a baby.  Then a little after that, we'll go out to dinner with my dad at this place that has two of my favorite things - lobster bisque and chocolate mousse.  I'm thinking that it's going to be a high calorie day.

Can't wait.

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