Monday, July 16, 2012

breakfast wars

We were at this resort that has the most amazing food.  Amazing.  And we get an option of eating in the fancy dining room or the huge casual dining room, where they have buffet style food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We always go buffet.

This is no average buffet.  The buffet is like crazy town where anything you could possibly want is available.

So in order to bug my sister Ali since we were at the resort and she wasn't, I sent her a few breakfast pictures while we were eating.  You know, because I am all sharing like that...

You know, the thing is, you really have to sample everything.  On my first plate, I filled up on some fresh fruit and banana bread, then the second plate of course had pancake, waffle, eggs, bacon, sausage and a um, maybe another piece of banana bread.  There  may or may not have been a third plate that involved yogurt with granola and raspberries.  Who eats like that??  

All I know is, I ate like a champion.  I will put out there though, that I like to have tastes of as much as I can when I am at this place because everything is so good, but I did not lick my plate.  Also, I feel like I need to point out that that was not just one day of breakfast photos.  Because you know, that would be slovenly.  And their food is so rich, there's no possible way that I could get all of that down.

There was also an omelet bar, but oh man, I was way too full to go there.  There was a fishy thing that I didn't try, all sorts of eggs and potatoes and breads and muffins.  Oh whoa.  My mouth is watering.

So for two days, Ali received my breakfast food pictures, and this is what she sent back:

Burned bacon, boxed cereal, a miscellaneous piece of fruit... they so made me laugh.  That's why I like those guys.


  1. Oh my! Please eat some for me! Or just box it up and send some my way!

  2. Love this post. The whole thing. I also love your header. I'm just full of love today.

  3. ...and now I have to eat my lunch at 11:14 am....

    well played madam