Thursday, May 10, 2012

random things that bug me

Every so often I jot down things that bug me, and when I get enough things to merit a post, I share.  So.

It bugs me when people put a line through their sevens and zeros.  Like, are you that concerned that we will not recognize that it is, in fact a seven (or zero)?  Does that line really mean anything anyway?  Somebody mentioned this the other day and I thought to myself that I completely concur.  

Once again, price labels on glass surfaces.  Really?  There is no other possible place to put the label?  Like perhaps the back side or bottom of a thing?  It almost feels like the labelers are purposely mocking me and all of the other shoppers.

It bugs me when you spit your gum out in the parking lot.  On the ground.  Where other people walk.  Come on.  Someone is going to step on it and track it into their car.  And that someone will probably be me.  Not cool.

It bugs me when people say supposubly.  As opposed to supposedly.  Please, please for the love of bacon, supposubly is not a word.  A worse offense is aks instead of ask, or fustrated instead of frustrated.  Why?  Ugh.

It bugs me when I find half drunk (drinken?  drank?  help me.) can of seltzer around.  I am not one to stick my nose up at a half drunk (?) can of seltzer, because I am all about conserving the seltzer, but we all know that it will be flat by the second day so basically it is a totally wrecked can of seltzer.  Lets all say this together: just say no to sandbagging.

It bugs me when I squeeze mustard onto a lovely ham and cheese sandwich and a mustard dribble comes out.  Like a watery dribble of mustard juice.  WTF?  Now my bread is soggy!  How am I even supposed to proceed at this point?

Don't you think that the way segue is spelled is like, not natural?  Who made up that dumb word anyway?  And why would  they spell it in such a way that nobody knows how to pronounce it?  Is it seh-gue?  Seg-way? Seg?  SEEG?  I'm going to go figure it out.

OK, I checked.  It is seg-way according to the dictionary.  I think I always knew that, but it feels so awkward to say, don't you think?  Sort of like bask.

Well there you have it - another edition of things that bug me.  Have any of your own to add?


  1. I do the line through the 7s and 0s thing. Sorry! :)

    I used to tell my kids to behave and they would yell, "I am being have!" Not sure why your post brought that to mind. Maybe that after I corrected it 5 or 6 times it ceased being cute and began to annoy me!

  2. Littering in general kills me. I mean, who raised you?? I drive down a back road and there are TIRES and APPLIANCES out who actually wakes up and thinks, "Yeah, I'll just pitch the old tires off the highway??"

    I once overheard a mother telling her child that the storm drains were trash cans. That's why they would see city workers cleaning them out once in a while. (not to prevent the entire block from flooding, obviously) Staggering.

  3. In the things that bug me category, I hate when you go to a nice restaurant, and they have dirty bathrooms with doors that don't lock. Drives me crazy!

  4. Beth Zimmerman -- we do that in our family, too. Didn't I start that, Ma? The whole, I'm being have - thing? Too funny that your family did that too!

  5. you 'concur'....

    oh no you didnt