Monday, May 21, 2012

one last word, v5

People Magazine has this new feature thing on the last page of their magazine.  On the last page, they have a new feature called the last word (so clever!) where a celebrity answers a few questions on the last things they've done.

So even though I'm not a celebrity or anything, I'm going to go ahead and answer the questions.  Because, why not?

The last song I sang - I sang this song "Somebody That I used to Know," by Gotye on the way home from the gym in the car.  Pretty catchy tune.

The last time I was angry - I was angry a few nights ago I think, when I felt like someone was rude to me.  I guess I wasn't exactly angry, just ugh.  Sad.

The last TV show I loved - Oh, it has to be Modern Family.  That show is hilarious.  I can never decide who my favorite character is.

The last vacation I went on - I went to California in March with Kar.  I think that was my last getaway, and I loved every minute of it.

The last injury I had - You know, I can't even remember.  I have various aches and pains, but I haven't had an actual injury that I can remember since partially tearing something in my shoulder.  Well, I did step on a nail last summer and have to get a tetanus shot.  Does a puncture count?

The last thing I cooked - I just cooked an amazing soup this afternoon, turkey sausage with garbanzo beans.  I had a large bowl for lunch, and I plan on having a large bowl for dinner.  So, so yumm.

The last time I said sorry - Hm.  I used to be the worst at saying sorry.  But you know, I say sorry as needed now without hesitation.  I think it was a few weeks ago when it was definitely necessary.

The last thing I ate - I ate the turkey soup I made for lunch.  And then a few pieces of dark chocolate for good measure.  

The last text I sent - Well, it was a text to my son, and it said "If you hang up on me I am taking your phone away for a week."  FYI - he chose not to hang up on me, so I think it was a pretty effective text.  

The last gift I purchased - I purchased some gifts for my my oldest kiddo, who is having a birthday on Wednesday.  I can't tell what they are though because she might read this post and that would be no fun.

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