Tuesday, May 22, 2012

listicle - husbands

So I've been reading this new to me blog, The Good Life, and it's fun and funny.  And guess what?  That Stasha does a feature thing that is called Monday Listicles.  There are different topics every Monday where you list ten things, then link up.  Well.  You all know how much I love lists.  So I have to participate.  Because, you know, it would be a crime if I passed up an opportunity to write a list and link it to other list writers and then like, love my list so hard.  So apparently this week's topic is "Ten Things a Husband Should Do."  Well huh.  This shouldn't be too hard for an opinionated girl like myself.

1.  A husband should never say, "Boy, you really need a pedicure."  My husband hardly ever does that of course, because he is far too busy squeezing my feet to notice that they need to be a little more done up.

2. A husband should relax and enjoy the positive things that come from all of his hard work a little bit more often.  He needs to have some spontaneous breaks and real, decent down time.

3.  A husband should know better than to mention that he hates the way you put his clothes away.  Because sometimes, fifteen years after the comment, that husband might really want you to put his clothes away, any way.

4.  A husband should happily let the wife be the boss of the remote control.  Unless there is nothing on that the wife wants to watch, which is when he can be the back-up boss.

5.  A husband should sometimes ask, "So, what should I pick up for dinner on the way home tonight?"  A minimum of twice a week is an awesome number of times to do this.

6.  A husband should have a great sense of humor - he should be able to laugh at himself and at with you.  He should be able to see the humor in every day life. 

7.  A husband should never pretend that he doesn't smell a crappy diaper or hear a screaming baby screaming in the middle of the night.

8.  A husband should definitely do the sucky jobs.  Because he's a man.  A masculine man.  Like cleaning out the garbage can, handling raw bacon, tossing moldy crap from the fridge or picking up smelly gross things.  Cleaning out the traps in the drains also falls into this category.

8a.  A husband should always carry the bags.

9.  A husband should sometimes just put the blackberry away and be present.

10.  A husband should always offer to eat the stuff that dropped on the floor or burned grilled cheese sandwich, toast, burger, hot dog, etc.  Men like burned stuff.

And one more for good measure:  A husband should always have your back and be your biggest fan - in public or to other people, regardless of what he really thinks.  Because he knows you always have his back and are his biggest fan.


  1. I may print this out and leave it under the remote! :)

  2. You clean out garbage bins?! I must add this to the list of things my husband should start doing. Cause he has been telling me no one does :)
    Great list. Glad you get your feet rubbed loads!

  3. Amen, dearie! Men should absolutely handle the bugs, raw-meat, garbage, general all-around icki-ness of life! Because we said so!
    Great list, Jessica. And a great big THANK YOU for putting me on your blogroll! Totally not worthy!