Monday, May 14, 2012

listicle - things I wish I could delete

Ten things that I wish I could delete, in other words, things that I am sorry for.

I'm going back kinda far here.  I mean, I might as well...

1. I'm sorry that I bit my sisters Ali and Indi on the forehead.  More than one time.  Don't ask.

2. I'm sorry that I threw my sister Jen's Puff the Magic Dragon record down the stairs on purpose and broke it.

3. I'm sorry that I told my sixth grade teacher Mr. Potts that I hated him.  Ah, nah.  I'm not sorry about that, he was a jerk.

4. I'm sorry that I beat Patrick Longthon up on the way home from school sometimes.

5. I'm sorry that I was mean to this kid Andy when he made (and gave) me a Valentine in 5th grade.

6. I'm sorry that I messed things up with a high school boyfriend.  I have a ton of guilt.

7. I'm sorry that I didn't take school seriously enough, high school and college.  Absolute regret.

8. I'm sorry that I had somewhat of a screaming fight with Kara one Easter, one Christmas and one high school Graduation.  That girl knew exactly the button to push to get me to lose it.  I shouldn't have gotten so upset.

9. I'm sorry for the times that I spanked my son Alex in frustration.

10. I'm sorry that I threw an Allen wrench at my husband Alex when I was hormonal and pregnant.  I missed on purpose.  I swear I am not violent.

There are so many more things that I am sorry for, things that I wish I could delete or at least do differently!  I know that I learned important lessons with most of these things, so in a way, even though there were some tough moments, I guess they taught me stuff that I needed to learn.  

It just stinks that most of those lessons were learned at the expense of someone else.  Anyone care to share a moment you wish you could do over?  Come on, I feel all exposed here.


  1. most of yours go back to grade school days! you must have lived a pretty clean and upright life to have to go back that far to find 10 things to be sorry about.
    i'm sorry i yelled at my child for hiding her favorite shirt rather than putting it in the laundry after every time she wears it.

  2. Girl, this list is too much! Your hubby better be happy you're not violent! lol

  3. I'm with you on #7. I was a straight "B" student and NEVER studied or did homework till the day it was due in college. Can you imagine what I could have done?? *sigh*

    I'm sorry I didn't listen to my heart the week before my first wedding. I knew it was wrong...but everyone was already coming. That one is kinda huge.

    However, I am NOT sorry I tied my sister to a tree like an "indian captive" whereas she then rubbed her little ass raw trying to escape. The wench had locked me in the chicken house for THREE hours!!

  4. I wish I could go back and undo whatever glitch in my character makes me hold back from relationships out of fear of pain and abandonment.

    I wish I could unsay the unkind words I have spoken to my husband and children.

    I wish I could have been less melancholy so that I could have been a voice of encouragement.

    I wish I could unspend the fortunes I have invested in frivolous junk!

    I wish I had enjoyed the present more and spent less time regretting the past and fearing the future!

  5. What do you have against Puff the magic dragon? One of my fave songs.

    Enjoyed your list and it sounds like you are one tough cookie!

  6. I hear you. My kiddo is a pro button pusher. Glad you got it all out. And you know what, it's all done and dusted!

  7. Wait, ...what size allen wrench?