Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm (blank) because... v1

I'm (weird) because...
I sleep best with one foot out from under the covers.
I forget things like, immediately.
I cannot stand drinking water without ice, except if it's bottled and really cold.
I don't like snuggling while sleeping.
Certain non-word words seriously bother me.  Like fustrated.
I'm scared of swimming at night.
I'm afraid one of my kids will fall out of the car while I am driving.
I enjoy going to the movies alone.
I hate socks.
I'm obsessed with bad breath.
Filing my nails makes me nauseous, in an "I'm about to throw up kind of way."
I love a dirty kid, but I just cannot put a dirty kid to bed.
I mess with my hair when I am nervous.
I like to walk alone at night.

I'm (a bad friend) because...
I don't call to chit chat.
I forget to send cards.
I don't make enough effort to keep in touch.
I do everything last minute.
I don't forgive easily.
I'm not full of great ideas for fun things to do.
I don't invite you over.

I'm (a good friend) because...
I'm not judgemental.
I listen.
I pay attention and notice the details.
I have your back - I am always in your corner.
I offer advice when it's asked for.
I think of you often.
I care about you.
I'm honest and loyal.
I don't monopolize your time.

I'm (sad) because...
Two of my sisters don't live close enough to have coffee on Sundays.
I don't have family dinners enough.
I missed my workout and walk yesterday.
I hate shorts.
My hair looks crappy and I have a zit on my cheek.
I slept bad and feel lonesome.
Sometimes I'm selfish and want things that I cannot have.
I often let guilt and nervous nerves rule my life.
I don't like driving at night anymore.

I'm (happy) because...
I just got to see my kid perform in the city.
I'm going on an adventure soon.
Outdoor soccer started.
I'm going to hang with my sisters this weekend!
I had some excellent Mexican food last night.
My mom's photographs are in an art show.
My kids and husband gave me thoughtful gifts/cards for Mother's Day.
It's sunny and warm!
The cleaning lady is here.
My son is going to the prom tomorrow night and he loves his tux.
Kara is coming home tomorrow, with her probably not ex-boyfriend who I love.

I'm (excited) because...
We put our house on the market.
The people that looked at our house loved it.
We found some awesome property to build on.
We might build a barn.
Summer is getting close.


  1. We are a lot alike. I'm not a fan of chit chatting either all the time.

    And I do the leg thing with the covers too.

  2. There you go again. Writing about me. LOL Seriously, it would be easier and quicker to list the things we DON'T have in common!