Monday, February 8, 2016

smugly husband and fugly floors

So when we built our house, I really, really didn't think about the details too hard. I am one of those people who hates shopping, and I avoid spending hours poring over the shade of knobs that I should put on my kitchen cabinets and other equally horrifying things. I do think though, that we got pretty lucky with all of our quick decisions, because my house is really pretty nice.

However, there were times when my contractor decided something without necessarily consenting me us, so it was more HIS style than mine ours. Side note, the very few times my husband and I ever really fought, besides that time when he refused to get a flu shot like a god damned lunatic, were when he refused to tell the contractor that we weren't into something that he did, without our consent. I'm all, we're PAYING him to do what we want! And he was all like, then YOU say it! And I was all like, but you're the guy!  And he was all like, GRR!

And THAT'S why we have linoleum on our mudroom and laundry room floors.

So I mentioned that besides lots of travel, interior painting, getting some new kitchen appliances, re-doing the front walk-way and hiring a landscaper, maybe we should just fucking replace the fugly linoleum. Some people HATE linoleum. And Alex is all like, lets just wait till next year to replace them. Next year we will be loaded. And I am all like, Shut up you ass. Let's just make it happen! Throw caution to the wind! We could be dead next year! And he's all like, well then I guess we wouldn't need new linoleum then, would we Jessee.  And then I am all like, don't ever call me Jessee again. And then he smugly chuckled.  And then I stamped off like a goddamn child and inwardly fumed.

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