Wednesday, February 17, 2016

a conversation that may or may not have happened

A possible conversation between me and my husband:

him:  I called you like five times!  Why didn't you answer?

me: I may or may not have been in the shower.

him:  Jessee, it's 1:45 in the afternoon.

me:  Don't judge me!  I was very busy with a lot of important things!

him:  Well what were you doing all day?

me:  Well. I may or may not have been simultaneously watching Vampire Diaries while playing words and pinning shit to that asshole pinterest.

him:  Pinterest again?

me:  It's such a time suck!  All I know is that I was happily drinking my coffee and reading the news. Then I clicked over to pinterest to just look at one little thing, and all of a sudden I looked at the clock and it was 1:45!  It was like I was sucked into a black hole of inspiration!

him: Hm.

me:  I did other stuff too!

him:  Did you make those appointments?

me:  I may or may not have.

him:  Did you book our trip?

me:  Maybe I did and maybe I didn't.

him:  Did you at least pick up that thing I asked you to get?

me:  What the actual fuck hon.  I can't do everything!

him:  Maybe I'll turn off the wifi.

me:  Maybe I'll karate chop your face.  

him:  Hm.  Maybe I'll rethink turning off the wifi.

me:  Then maybe I will book the trip and make the calls and pick up the thing.

him:  Fine.  

me:  Damn.  Who knew I was so good at communication and compromise?  Aren't you glad we had this little chat?

him:  ::sigh::

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