Friday, February 26, 2016

wristlets and Karma

Guess what GUYS, I lost my purse today! I hate purses, anyway. I prefer the ease of the pocket. Lately I have been carrying a wristlet around because I guess, well, because I got it for Christmas. For myself. What do you think of wristlets? I kind of like them because they just hang on your wrist without much effort and they don't take up a lot of unnecessary space. They just do their little job. I like products that aren't fussy and just do their job.

ANYway, I had put a few bags in the back of my truck and for some dumbass reason, I took my wristlet off (I'm going to keep saying wristlet), and I mindlessly put it on my bumper during the loading of the stuff. I guess I forgot and I drove away with it on the bumper! WTF! I realized it like 3 minutes after it happened, and I circled back around and retraced my steps, but it was already gone.

So then I was a little crazy. I had like, 2 credit cards with unlimited credit on them in there, along with my license and debit card and like, a few hundred bucks in cash!  I was like, greeeeaaaattt... I'll never get it back. So I ran in to a few stores nearby to see if anyone had turned it in (they didn't) and then I went back to my car and started making calls to cancel every damn thing.  Huge pain.  Not to mention the worry that some random had my home address, and the strong possibility of identity theft.

After I cancelled a few of the cards, I got a call from my bank saying the police called and had my little purse!  

I was like wooHOO!! My faith in humanity still exists! Someone out there is a really good person... I definitely think it's Karma because about two weeks ago, in that same exact parking lot, I found a credit card on the ground. I strongly considered just bringing it home and tossing it because it was really cold outside (it was!) and I didn't feel like walking all the way back in to the store to turn it in.  But I did! Because I am all nice like that.

And see??  What comes around goes around! 

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