Wednesday, February 10, 2016

there should be a generic letter of intent for facebook defriending

So Facebook has approximately 597 billion users or something.  OK fine I have no idea how many users Facebook has.  I made it up. eh hem... My point was that Facebook has a ton of users GUYS.

Personally, I hate talking on the phone.  I am not a phone chatter, so Facebook and texting helps make me a happier, more communicative person.  And less of a person who ignores responding to a back log of phone messages. Really, besides texting, what is a better way to communicate in this day and age than Facebook?

So how do you decide if defriending someone is offensive or not?  Don't you think it would be much kinder to send the person you want to defriend a Generic Letter of Intent, so they at least know why you're dumping them and they aren't surprised when they go to message you about setting up a playdate or something?

I got defriended before. I have to admit I was a little offended. At first I couldn't decide if I was offended or relieved. Then I was all, "That asshat that I haven't spoken with since 11th grade defriended me??  Who does he think he is??"  And now it's all awkward when I walk past him in the grocery store because I feel all squinty-eyed and defensive. But whatever, at least he has the balls that I don't. I mean that literally and figuratively, because you know, I'm a girl. And I also don't really have the balls to defriend people. Mostly because I don't like to hurt people's feelings.  Who knew I was so nice?

Facebook is a tough thing. You start up with it, you get excited to reconnect, you get all feeling like you're popular because you have 276 friends.  Woo hoo!  Then you realize that you kind of lost contact with most of those "friends" for a reason. Like, maybe they weren't really your friends to begin with. So initially you get caught up in the whole thing but then you find yourself stuck with friends who aren't your friends, and you really aren't sure if you want them looking at that adorable picture of your placenta.

FYI, I never posted an adorable picture of my placenta (NOT MINE ^). I may actually gag at the thought. I've heard that people have posted pictures of their placentas and other miscellaneous disgusting things and I'm not really sure why. I mean, I'm sure my placentas were as adorable as everyone else's placentas, but for the love of all that is normal, someone please tell me why we would post such things?

Anyway, I don't really think there is a delicate way to defriend someone. I've just really learned about the ways to make certain things private, and I use those features for people I don't feel close enough to share everything with.

Not that I'm hugely into Facebook or anything.  But it really does make a playdate set-up happen pretty effortlessly. Especially if you don't have the other parents phone number or something.

And I am all about effortlessly.  It is almost my favorite word.

On another note, blogger really needs to get with the times and make some updates.  The word defriend is a word of the times, right?  I mean, it's a Facebook world we live in! It's got to be in the dictionary at this point, and blogger spellcheck keeps giving me the option of changing it to befriend or behead.  Hm.  In a way defriending someone is sort of like beheading, right? Just lop it off, nice and clean, no discomfort. Well fine, obviously there is going to be a little discomfort, but you get what I mean. Right?

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