Tuesday, February 9, 2016

11 forgotten products all 80's girls were obsessed with...

Hey, that's Carol Seaver! 

If you were an 80's girl like I was, I bet you can't imagine a world where you didn't have your vanity covered in several, if not all of these products.

1. Jean Naté after bath splash - You could get this quality "after bath splash" right at the corner drugstore. Just a splash was all you really needed for everyone to know you were coming.  If I recall correctly, we used to have the Jean Naté powder puff thing on the back of our toilet too, for convenience obviously.

2. Love's Baby Soft - This was the first perfume my mom ever let me get, the kind you wore as you were crossing from the lowly pre-teens to the big time junior high school years. Another high quality perfume that you could pick up at your local pharmacy. It really smelled powdery like a baby, which now that I think about it was kind of weird. 

3. Tickle Deodorant - I loved this stuff because it was deodorant that was fun! Whoever designed this definitely knew their market, what kids would be into, deodorant-wise. The ball of this thing was huge and really covered every square inch of your pit. B.O. wasn't happening if you wore this stuff, and B.O. was your worst nightmare in those days. And who doesn't love a colorful rolly-polly deodorant anyway?

4. "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" shampoo - Back in the day, when people still said "Gee..." Truth be told, it actually did make your hair small terrific...

5. Lip Lickers -  I totally remember having a ton of these in different flavors at the bottom of my purse, collecting lint.  Remember the tin top thing that slid off to magically reveal the greasy lip balm stuff?  Aw. These were the kind of things that you always used up fast because they were just fun. Then if you were really crafty, you'd save the empty tin and make an Asprin holder or something. That wasn't me.

6. Noxzema skin cream- I could recognize this smell a mile away.  Everyone I knew seemed to have this little blue jar of awesomeness.  If I remember correctly, my BIL Ty had a huge crush on the Noxzema Girl all through high school. I think he still does, actually. I was not much of a skin cream wearer, I was a very low maintenance kid, product-wise, but I think I had a jar of this stuff just because everyone else was doing it, mom. 

7. Aqua Net Hairspray - The product that may have single handedly ruined the ozone layer thanks to teen girls everywhere. Well!  In the day of super high bangs and hard sticky hair, girls needed to be on point for the average high school day! I personally did not contribute to the ruined ozone. I was not a hair spray user because I didn't have the patience to do my hair all tall like that (I cannot say the same for my older sister), which is why I am not completely mortified when my mom brings out my old high school class pictures. I think I tried high hair once in Colorado and I walked into school thinking maybe I was all that and my boyfriend looked at me like, wtf did you do, Jessee?? So I never did THAT again.

8. Sun In hair lightener - Speaking of hair, if you wanted to look like a beach babe, even if you lived nowhere near a beach, you sprayed this stuff in your hair.  Or if your mom wouldn't buy it, you could just use lemon juice.  I speak from experience. I totally remember forcing myself to "lay out" on my back porch to let this stuff sink in and make me look beachy. I hated laying out. I'm sure I also had baby oil slathered all over me for the perfect tan.  Ah, the good old days before people gave a crap about skin cancer.

9. Bonne Belle Lip Smackers - I had a bunch of these things pre-junior high.  Once you hit junior high this stuff was considered too babyish to use publicly.  Maybe it was the primary colors or something, but you definitely had to toss these to your younger sisters and move on to lip gloss if you wanted to be like the cool kids.

10. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Oh man, every so often I will walk past these little pink and green things and it will bring back memories of getting all ready for a high school dance. The eyeballs had to be exactly perfect to get the last slow dance with your crush - a little eye liner and mascara went a long way. I think they also had them in colors and I may or may not have had one in electric blue. These have been around for like, 40 years, no joke. And they are still really inexpensive! 

11. Sea Breeze astringent for your skin - So this stuff burned the shit out of your face, but it didn't seem to deter the masses of girls who swore by it. I was lucky enough to not be zitty, and unlucky enough to have really dry skin, so I could not use this without looking like a leper.

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