Friday, September 28, 2012

friday 5

It's Friday and man, it's raining and cold!  I am definitely pro-autumn weather - it's my absolute favorite.  Today does not feel like autumn, which is the opposite of my favorite.  It suspiciously feels like pre-winter and I'm not loving it.

Anyway, the kids have the day off of school - go figure, after just three weeks back in session.  That is pretty freaking typical around here, there's got to be a scheduled day or two off every single month.  I'm sure the teachers and kids appreciate it, but I imagine it gets hard on the parents who have to work.

Originally, Alex had a soccer tournament scheduled for today and tomorrow, but they were cancelled because of the rain.  Bunch of babies.  A little rain never hurt anyone.  I'm mad!  I really wanted to watch those tournaments!

Even though it's like 3:00 in the afternoon, we've pretty much been in our pj's all day.  One of the best parts about a rainy, grey day is getting to be comfy and cozy and lazy all day.  The girls wanted to play Cake Boss, so they each made three cakes -  two three tiered cakes will be kicking around here soon enough.  Two three tiered cakes that I will have to try not to eat.  As soon as the cakes cool off, they are going to get decorated.  My kids love Cake Boss.  I'm thinking that they are going to be pretty surprised at how hard it is to actually decorate a cake.  Buddy sure makes it look effortless.

Time's up - I'm headed off for a nice warm bath.  Happy weekend guys!

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  1. Being back at school I can say that a day at school without the students is welcome- it's the only time you can catch up on all the BS paper work that is required. At the same time, it's so boring when the kids aren't there! I like it better when we all get a day off. LOL I loved it when the lovelies had days off from school and got to stay home with me. We slept in and goofed off all day long. Makes me wish they were little again. But then, everything does that. Sigh.