Tuesday, September 25, 2012

well, that irritates.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm kind of chill.  Well, on the outside.  On the outside I'm kind of chill.  On the inside, well that is just another story for another time.  But you know, I try to be kind.  Usually it's not too hard to be kind, because most people are decent.  But then there are people who are just assholes.  Those people I have no tolerance for, and I hate when I am forced to devote even one minute of my life to them - in any form.  Most often, the form of me mentally fuming over something that happened that I couldn't respond to properly, or me being forced to be in some rude jerk's presence and remain polite.

Tell me if these things bug you too, or if it's just me, being irrational and expecting too much from others.

You know how when you are talking to someone, then all of a sudden, you realize that they were paying way more attention to their cell phone or iPad than to you? 
distracted by the latest technology

Or that entitled guy who believes that he deserves a better spot in the line than everyone else.
the entitled driver

Or when you are being kind, and someone ignores your gesture.
the rude pedestrian

Or that person who can't let you finish a sentence without butting in and turning the conversation back to them.
the interrupter
Then there are the smokers that seem to congregate at the door of every establishment.  I get it, I actually kind of feel sorry that the smokers are banished to the cold outdoors to do their business, but I can't stand coughing my way through their stinky, smokey cloud on the way to my doctor's appointment.  And then of course you smell like you're the smoker.

the smoker

Lastly, that person who uses Facebook or some other form of social media to force you to listen to incessant preaching and ranting about their personal political or religious beliefs. 
the shouting from a soap box via multimedia offender

What do you guys think?


  1. Oh YEAH girl! That shit irritates the HELL out of me! One good thing about getting older though? I go right ahead and let them know what assholes they are and I don't care what they think about it! LOL

  2. Our society as a whole has gotten into such a habit of being self-centered and rude. I work with the public and each day the hermit lifestyle is becoming more and more appealing!

  3. This is a great point and something I wrestle with. How not to let someone's grouchy-ness ruin my day. I've started to let stuff go. Or try to anyway.

  4. Wow I feel like you walked through my life. All these get to me especially the soap box thing. I don't mind people having their own point of view but sometimes that gets so irritating.

  5. I am okay with the occasional rant about something, but if a person keeps repeating themselves, then I get irritated.

  6. The entitled driver! Gah infuriating.