Friday, September 7, 2012

friday five

It's 1:55 and the kids should start rolling in in less than an hour.

Where did the day go?!

It seems like every year when my kids go off for the new school year, I have a period of adjustment too.  I mean, I know that they have to readjust - it's a lot to have to get back into nights where they have to shower and eat dinner and be in their beds by 8ish.  Days where they can no longer get up at their leisure, where they can swim their faces off all day.  Where they can eat breakfast at oh, maybe 11, and then lunch somewhere around 3 or so, and 500 Popsicles in between.

Sorry kiddos, those days are OVER.  At least til next summer.  

My readjusting comes in the form of figuring out what the hell to do with myself all day.  Sometimes I think, maybe I will make one of those crafts that look so easy on pinterest, or bake one of those awesome goodies, or maybe even cook one of those yummy dinners.  Then instead, I just laugh heartily at that thought and keep pinning more shit til I realize that if I don't get in the shower now, I'll never make it to the school in time to pick up Brooke.  Then suddenly, take-out pizza starts to seem really appealing. 

Aw, who am I kidding?  I'm going sushi.

Times up!  Happy weekend guys.

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