Friday, September 21, 2012

friday five

It's Friday, about 3:00 and I have to go pick Brooke up form school soon.  This past week has been gorgeous.  Super, awesome perfect fall weather.  My absolute favorite!  Can you tell?  It's just so nice because I hate sun beating on me without a breeze or hint of cool air or shade somewhere.  That's why I'm pretty sure I would die if someone tried to force me to live in some sweaty, hot muggy region.  Like Florida.

I was talking to someone recently about my favorite weather (pretty exciting topic, eh?)  and he told me that San Diego would be my ideal climate.  So, San Diego.  Hm.  I could live in a whale's vagina.  OK, that sounded so hideous, please click the link so you grasp what I am saying.  I can not say San Diego without thinking about that stupid clip from the Anchorman where Ron Burgundy is trying to tell Veronica Corningstone that San Diego was discovered by the German's and the name translates to "a whale's vagina."  Sorry.  It had to be said.

So anyway, yeah.  I guess I can see it.  Just packing up and moving to a whole other coast.  I'm not sure that my family would be on board.  Well, I'm sure the kids wouldn't hate living by the ocean.  Come to think of it, Alex's firm actually has an office in San Diego.  Hm. Kara would be all over it, she's dying to get to CA.  She's been angling for a move to Santa Monica since we visited in March.  I would never move to LA.  I did not love it there.  But if she was in Santa Monica and we were in San Diego, at least we would be close enough to visit easily.   I think I might be afraid of earthquakes.  In NY, we don't really have any of that scary weather crap looming over our heads that could kill us.

I'm going to California in about a month, actually.  I'll be heading out there with my sister and her friend, then I'll stay a few extra days by myself when they leave.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Last year I was in SF during the fall, and it was so nice.  I'll have to think of some fun things to do and see while I'm there.  And eat.  There are tons of great places to eat.

Speaking of food, I'm hungry.  Gotta go eat some lunch!  Happy weekend.


  1. Happy weekend, Jessee! And have fun in California!

  2. I've lived on both coasts and I have to say, without a doubt, California beats Florida hands down. No contest.

  3. I've got some major catching up to do here. I just accepted the job teaching computer to the kids at the elementary school the lovelies attended and I've not adjusted to the schedule yet! Guess that's what happens when age is a factor. LOL The husband lived in CA for a while and would love to go back. I keep telling him to go ahead and go. :)