Thursday, March 28, 2013

quite the shocker

I know this is going to come as quite a shock to some of you, but I have drastically changed my free kiss list.

I know, I know!

I'm usually not so fickle!

But I think I've got it right now.

As I said before, I had stuck with my last free kiss, Dave Matthews, for many years.  Then I was kinda feeling like I was over it.  So I was debating, hemming and hawing (I know I've said I am not a hemmer or hawer, but when it comes to a free kiss - THAT is something you have to be totally sure about).  I just wasn't feeling my last picks.

So anyway, I figured I would share my new and improved list.  And I also figured, why do I have to just settle on one free kiss anyway?  I mean, really five is a good number.  Five is what I have settled on.

So before I get to the list, I am going to remind you that I don't usually pick the guys that are everyone else's picks.  I have my own reasons, but I was never really into the guy that everyone else wanted.  So don't judge my picks.  We are in the judge free zone, much like Planet Fitness.

So these free kisses are in no particular order.  Because you know, I wouldn't want to hurt any of their feelings.

1.  Joseph Gordon Levitt.  Oh I just like his face, and his sense of humor.  And he looks completely sexy in a suit.  He may actually be number one.  And he's not even that much younger than I am!

2.  Jesse Williams.  There is no way that you couldn't get past his eyes.  And lips.  And brown skin... 

3.  Paul Rudd.  I love a funny guy.  I really think Paul Rudd is hilarious and adorable, and I like his beard.  I think he is tied for number one with Joseph Gordon Levitt.  He may even win because he happens to be my age...

4.  Justin Theroux.  This guy is all bad boy-ish.  I like the way he dresses.  I like him better with a bit of a beard, but he is absolutely attractive either way.

5. Gerard Butler.  Another hilarious, attractive guy with great eyes.  And a great beard.  Apparently he's quite a player, but you know, why not? 

Who are your free kisses?


  1. Umm....I'm drooling. I think we're twins.

    1. :) With five, I think there's enough to share

  2. I think I would be arrested for molestation of children if I wanted to kiss any of the ones on your list- I am so OLD. LOL But #5- oh yeah! :) Are you ready for the challenge? Of the A-Z sort, not of the kissing sort. LOL

    1. LOL, I have literally only started ONE post, and that is A. I need a little quiet time this weekend to get some more stuff going - not sure that will happen though! Busy weekend ahead for me with family in town. Also, the last three guys are in their 40's! Yay for hot older guys!!