Tuesday, March 12, 2013

parents in the drop off line, as explained by their cars

You can tell a lot about someone by the vehicle they drive, I think.  I spend a lot of time in the madness that is the drop-off and pick-up lane at school.  It is absolutely like, the most irritating thing ever.  I've learned to get over it though, because it is what it is.  My kid doesn't take the bus, and she's too little to walk alone, so I must suffer.  In sitting there, you get to do a little people watching, which can be entertaining, and I've come to a few conclusions.

This is my take on parents, as explained by their cars:

Beat up mini-van  - The mom that will cut you if you cut her in line.  Or at the very least, flip you off and mouth non-school-age appropriate insults while you pretend you didn't see her.

Shiny new mini van - The type-A mom who is obviously already dressed and  showered  and about to carry in 24 perfectly decorated cupcakes for her perfectly dressed child's birthday.  She'll also be carrying color coordinated juice boxes and goodie bags.  And she'll do it all in one trip.

Open Jeep Wrangler - The effortlessly cool dad, that all of the other dads want to be like.

Beefy pick up truck - The probably ruggedly attractive dad, who is on his way to do something really rugged.  And attractive.

Luxury sedan - The mom who is popping a Xanax and swigging some vodka from her "water bottle" as soon as she gets her little angels out of the car.

The car plastered with political and/or churchy bumper stickers - The self righteous mom who refuses a playdate if she thinks you voted Dem.

Hummer - The intimidating dad, who you are frankly kind of scared of.

Sensible car - The mom who wouldn't dream of getting something that wasn't dull practical and reliable.  Like loafers.

SUV - The skinny, high maintenance soccer mom.  Probably on her way to the gym.  In really cute, matchy-matchy gym clothes, of course.

Prius - The mom who only buys organic.  And must constantly talk about only buying organic.  And looks her nose down on those who do not buy organic.

Obviously, this is just for fun, but apparently there is actually a psychology behind the cars you choose to drive.  When we see a shiny red convertible with a balding middle aged guy driving it, we immediately think "mid-life crisis."  We usually can't help but associate a certain type of car with a certain type of person, but do we really know who’s behind the wheel?  

Maybe.  Like it or not, what we drive can send messages.  And it's not just the make/model of the car the can define you, it's the color too!

I just read this thing that said people who choose black cars tend to be more aggressive, and rebellious.  Well, I drive a black car, and I'm not aggressive, though I guess I am kind of rebellious.

According to this article, if you drive a silver car, you're likely cool, calm, and you may be a loner.  Green means that you are reactive.  Yellow cars point to idealistic people, and blue cars represent introspective, reflective, and cautious people.  If you drive red, you're an attention seeker, someone who is full of energy.  White cars are for status seekers, and cream colored car drivers are typically contained and controlled.

What do you think?  What do you drive?  Is there any truth to this?


  1. I know my silver 12-passenger van says I am an airport shuttle, but what does a silver car torn apart by dogs who were trying to get to the opossum under the car say about my husband?
    I hate drop-off line.

    1. LOL, I almost did a conversion van, but your take on it is definitely better than mine! Oh man, the drop off line... I shudder. And yet I will be sitting in it in about an hour.