Friday, March 29, 2013

friday five

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So it's Friday, which means I'm hosting this Friday Five Blog Hop thing again.  Basically, it's a super easy post.  I used to just set the timer and free write, whatever was on my mind, without trying to censor or think too hard.  Usually, once I started, it was easy, and I didn't have to think about it at all. 

That's kind of my goal for this blog hop - just five minutes of free writing.  Nothing Fancy, nothing planned, nothing needing to be humorous, or inspiring or anything for others - just for you.

So set your timer!  When you're finished, link up and share!

12:50 pm
Alex and the kids have the day off today because of Good Friday, but strangely enough, I am all alone.  Brooke got invited to play at a friend's house, Megan had a sleepover last night, and the boys just went to play some tennis.  Tennis!  WooHOO!  Tennis means Spring for sure.

I'm fine with the quiet.  More than fine.  It will get busy and noisy around here in no time.  I pick Kara up from the train at 4ish, and my sister Jen and her family are coming in for the weekend and staying over at our house, which makes me very happy.  Though we have never done Easter morning with anyone else - hopefully the house will be big enough for lots of eggs.

There's kind of a full weekend planned, which is good, because it keeps my mind busy. We're going to dinner tonight, tomorrow we're going to a movie, and Sunday of course is Easter, so we'll be cooking and hanging and eating.  Next week my kids have no school for their spring break, and I was kind of thinking of taking a little spontaneous trip somewhere.  I don't know... I checked a few things out, but I guess we'll see.

Anyway, time's up, so happy Easter weekend!  Hope you all have fun and get lots of jellybeans.  Don't forget to link up below!


  1. The linky says it's not open and won't be for another 6 days...LOL I always enjoy a full house during any holiday but I'm actually looking forward to the quiet this time. The lovelies will all be home in two weeks for a wedding so they won't be coming for Easter. That means I'll have all of spring break to myself!!!!! I am doing the happy dance of joy! Or, I will be. As soon as the husband goes back to work on Monday!

  2. Whoops! That linky thing is so annoying. I mess it up every time! Oh man, a nice quiet week off... sounds pretty great! :)