Monday, March 11, 2013

favorite smells

I'm a really sensory person, and I am definitely a smeller.  I love the smell of all sorts of things.  I also get nauseous at the smell of certain things, like the dentist's office or vomit, of course.  In other words, I love and hate the smell of things.  Because that's normal, that's why.

Anyway, this week's list is 10 smells that you love, so here they are, in no particular order.  

10 favorite smells:

1.  I love the smell of clean skin, mmmmm- particularly right out of the bath or     

2.  I love the smell of fresh laundry, especially when it is straight out of the 

3.  I love the smell of puppy breath, is that weird?

4.  Of course I love the smell of new baby.  And (clean) diapers.

5.  I love the smell of Christmas trees.

6.  I love the smell of rosemary and lavender.  Separately.

7.  I love the way my mom smells.  I could definitely pick her out of a line up

8.  Oddly, I love the smell of hospitals, every time I am in one, I feel like I am   
     supposed to be there, working.

9.  I love the smell of this perfume, Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden.

10. And I absolutely love the smell of Thanksgiving dinner cooking.  Ooh, that just made me hungry.

What smells do you love?


  1. While I love fresh laundry, I prefer it off of a line outside. I love the smell of a brand new book, so a book store is my heaven.

    1. Oh I totally agree - love the smell of bookstores and books. And I absolutely love line-dried clothes... it's been way too long since I've had those.

  2. Yum, thanksgiving dinner is always a welcomed smell! Puppies, do have a good smell too, provided they weren't just playing in the mud!

    1. If I could have Thanksgiving dinner even once a month, I would be so happy!

  3. I like the one about your Mom. It's funny how you recognise a person by their scent.

    1. Absolutely! It's the same with my grandmother... nothing like it.

  4. Real Christmas trees smell amazing! Fresh, hot laundry has a soothing aroma. I love sniffing hot towels and pressing them to my face.

    Some scents nauseate me that comes to mind is heavy perfume and the scent of car heaters. It can be in the middle of the winter, and I will ask to turn down the heat because it makes me nauseous.

    I did smell Green Tea before and does smell really nice.