Monday, March 18, 2013

my awesome partner

This week's list is 10 ways that my partner is awesome.  So, that's not too hard at all.  

So here we go:

1.  He leaves me notes with stick figure drawings on them, pretty much every day.

2.  He always cleans up the vomit - all of it - kids, mine, dog... he's the best vomit cleaner-upper I know.

3.  He does any chore - not just the "guy" chores.  He'll do laundry or dishes or whatever needs doing.  He panics at the grocery store, but he'll still go if I ask him to.

4.  He carries my bags.  All of them.  Always.

5.  He defers to my TV and movie choices, even if they're girly.

6.  He never yells (at me or in general) or calls me names, and he won't fight with me.

7.  He gets up with the kids in the morning to make breakfast and lunches so I can sleep in a little.

8.  He works really hard every day.  He's affectionate and loving, and he doesn't snore.

9.  He accepts me as I am - wrinkles, weight, crappy pink haircut, random cranky mood, whatever... he never ever says anything that makes me feel bad about myself.

10.  He never tries to control me.  He knows when I need space, and he gives it to me.

OK, I am not done.  There are way more.  I have to add a bonus five.  Sorry if you are all sick of reading how awesome Alex is.

11.  He makes me laugh, pretty much every day.  He's a funny guy.

12.  If he asks me, "What's for dinner?"  and I say, "Take out?"  He always answers, "That's exactly what I was thinking!"

13.  He's not a bar-hopper or big drinker, and he's not the type to ogle other women in my presence.  He's really respectful.

14.  He never gives me a hard time about spending money, he's not all tight with a buck.

15.  He's really smart.  He can fix pretty much anything.  And if he can't, it bugs him, so he'll figure it out and he'll do it right.

I think one of the best things about Alex though, is that he tries to understand me, and that's really important to me.


  1. When you said he was a great vomit-cleaner upper, I wished I could be his best friend. My husband is horrible at that.
    Sounds like you snagged a good one!

    1. The vom thing is killer, LOL. He seems to have the stomach for the most disgusting clean up jobs...

  2. Thanks Hon for saying all of those great things!! You made my day and you are my bff! I appreciate the bonus five, that was very unexpected. I think we have a great "partnership" and I am proud you are my wife. Please note all my vomit cleaning expertise is limited to only immediate family members.
    Thanks for being my partner, love ya.

  3. Awwww, aren't you two just darling? Makes the world a better place, love like this. :)

  4. This guy obviously loves you very, very much!...:)JP

  5. You had be at vomit cleaner upper. Sounds like you have a great husband.

  6. Aw I love that you had to add five more! So cool. My favorite is that he accepts you the way you are - wrinkles, pink haircut (but now I want to see the pink haircut!!)...
    Love it!

    1. Ugh the stupid pink haircut incident! I never did end up posting pics...

  7. He sounds great! My husband doesn't fight with me either, it's nice, cause mostly it's just me being crazy :-)

    1. LOL, oh I know he bites his tongue! But he just doesn't go there, pretty much for the same reason, I'm sure. :)

  8. Two is incredible! That means something.

    My husband has always carried my bags, ever since we were dating, and never stopped. I appreciate it every time.

    1. You know, I really do appreciate that. It's like a combo of good manners and just thoughtfulness.