Monday, November 12, 2012

one little lie among a bunch of random facts

Today I'm posting nine truths and one lie for the Monday Listicle.  I switched it up though, because it's actually supposed to be nine lies and a truth.  Sorry, sometimes you just gotta buck the system.  Anyway, if you read this blog every once in a while, the one lie should be kind of easy...

1. I have horrible eyesight in one eye.  The other eye is better than 20/20 vision though, which makes any eyeglasses I try look ridiculous.  

2. I had my first child when I was 19 years old, but I always said I was 20 because I hated being labeled a teen mom.

3. I have a college degree, but it's not good enough.

4. I have a fear of swimming in the dark, Stephen King scarred me for life.

5. I always wanted a monkey, til the ripping off of the face incident...

6. I was in marching band in high school.  I sucked so bad at marching, it was embarrassing.

7. I hate flying, I need to be either medicated or intoxicated to get on a plane.

8. I love hospitals, including hospital food.

9. I'm pretty sure that my favorite season is autumn.  If I ever got remarried, it would definitely be in the fall.

10. I don't like beer.  I kind of wish I did because it just seems cool to enjoy a nice cold beer every now and then.

What do you think??  Which one of these bad boys is NOT true? 


  1. Oh MAN! I don't know how anyone could like hospital food. I've been in my fair share and have yet to find one that serves much that is edible. Blech

    I can't swim at night either. So odd...and flying? Yeah...don't get me started on flying.

  2. Oh boy, this is difficult, such creative facts! I'll go with swimming thing?

  3. #8 can't possibly be true!! Can it??

  4. Who doesn't live for going into hospitals for dinner on those cute plastic trays? And I'm with Sperk, swimming at night. I think that's the one.

  5. Ah Anonymous... you got it! I love to fly, and I'm pretty sure I've never actually flown drunk OR medicated. :) Thanks for all of the guesses!

  6. I should have gone with your spin too! Had I not seen your answer, I would have gone with the marching band and only because I'm sure you weren't really bad at marching. :)

  7. Okay, I gotta know - first, how do you see if one eye is so bad, but you don't wear glasses? Second, how can one be bad at marching? You just... march? Right? I think another video might be in order. ;) And yes, Stephen King has f'ed up some things for a lot of us, including cars, dogs, cemeteries and every lake cabin everywhere.

  8. I could live with the hospital food but nobody loves hospitals. Unless all doctors are McDreamy...