Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's bitch - in the dark

So it's like only about 4:45 and it's dark already.   I am sitting in darkness, all alone.  Listening to tunes, multi-tasking between perusing the web, responding to texts... that kind of thing.  Technology.  WTF did we do without it anyway?  Read an actual book?  Seriously, I am trying to think of what I used to do on an average day before I was all uber-connected, addicted to my laptop and things.  Hm.  Clean?  Bills?  Work?  I did a lot of cleaning.  I hated having a messy house.  I still do, but I can easily get distracted from cleaning by the computer.  It's just so... addictive.  So now instead of cleaning for a while, I do a lot of mini quick pick-ups.  My house still looks presentable though!  I swear I am not shirking my SAHM duties!  I'm not technology's bitch!  Well.  Not really.  

I read that there's like an actual syndrome/anxiety that they are diagnosing with people who are addicted to technology - blackberries, iPhones, PDAs.  Those kinds of things.  Like people actually have compulsions about it.  I guess I think that's weird, though I have lived through such addiction with someone who will remain nameless my husband.  I judge like that as if I'm not in front of a computer as often as I am.  There aren't too many times when I shut down, when I'm off the grid.  In fact, I really honestly cannot think of the last time that I was completely off the grid besides being mid-flight.  Mid-flight off the grid-ness is hard!  I forget that I cant access stuff.  Actually that's kind of sad!

I'm making a complete effort to get off the grid more.  Starting another day besides today.  Or tomorrow.  Eh, maybe we should revisit this thought.

Later guys.  Happy weekend.

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  1. Ha! I'm not technology's bitch either. My computer's mother board died so I'm computer-less. Except that Birdie gave me a loaner. And I hid it from her when she came by yesterday- you know, in case she wanted it back...ok, maybe I AM technology's bitch. I did take the job at the elementary school as computer lab teacher. LOL