Friday, November 30, 2012

friday fiver conversations with my husband

So I forgot that I said I'd post more about Thanksgiving in CT, and even left you all with a teaser about potentially sharing Alex's freaking hilarious post-Thanksgiving dancing.  So, I asked him.  And this is how it all went down.

me:  How do you feel about me possibly posting your super awesome dance routine on my blog? (see what I did there with the compliment?  I'm so smooth.)

him: People at my office read that!

me:  ::pause while deflating a snitch because the compliment didn't seem to sway him as much as I was hoping:: Well, it could be great entertainment!  Great fodder for chats around the water cooler even!  I'll bet they have no idea that you can blend Gangsta moves with Irish Step dancing, Russian Cossack dancing, the stanky leg, booty shaking and a perfect Herkie.  That is very impressive you know.  Besides, you shouldn't have shown them my blog in the first place!

him: I didn't!  Your brother did!

me:  I don't have a brother.  Well.  We all know that I cannot say that with certainty.  But, I don't have a brother that I personally know, currently.  Though I could provide you with the name of a potential.

him:  You know who I mean.

me:  Yay or nay?

him: *scowl*

me: Thumbs up? C'mon you little dancer, you.

him: *scowl*

me:  Fine! 

So sorry guys, I'll continue to try to get him to sign the release and waiver.  Maybe if you collectively beg him through your comments, he'll relent.  Trust me, it's worth it.  

However, if I do get him to agree to post it, I may or may not pretend that I don't know him.

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  1. I'm his mother so he can't say no!! I have the "mother rights" to disclosure and I say post Jessee, post!!!