Monday, November 19, 2012

monday listicle - ten things 2012

The Monday Listicle topic this week is ten things that I've learned in 2012.   So I sat here feeling all stumped.  Like, hello?  I've already learned everything I've needed to learn in these past 42 years!  But then I was thinking, you know, I really haven't learned everything.  Then I was thinking there are still lots of things that I want to learn.  See how much thinking I did about this topic?  Lots and lots of thinking, apparently.

So I'm going to break it up, or down, into 5 things that I've learned in 2012, and 5 things that I still want to learn.

Things that I have learned this year:

1.  That even if my husband or kids don't fold the laundry the way I would, it's still folded, and it's OK.

2.  That puppies really are nice to have, and a lot less trouble than I was thinking.

3.  That freaking Pinterest is addictive.

4.  That freaking things on Pinterest are not as easy to make as they appear to be.

5.  That it's way easier to gain weight than to lose it.  Ah, I guess I kind of already knew that one.  But it's still not fair.  Damn it.

Things that I would like to learn one of these days:

1.  How to use my Silhouette machine.  I've had it for two years already!

2.  How to get over the blogger conference fear.

3.  How to make creme brulé.

4.  How to forget things that make me feel sad.

5.  How to be a travel writer.

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  1. There needs to be an AA group for Pinterest Anonymous! I'm an addict too. I just don't try to complete anything...I just keep pinning and pinning...