Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things that annoy me thursday

I'm going to say something at the risk of offending a group of people.  Sorry in advance for the potential offending.

So, I hate with a fiery passion when someone says, "Thanks muchly."  Ugh.  Because really, why is it necessary to say that?!  Can't you just say a simple, "Thanks!" like normal people?!

I don't know why it annoys me as much as it does, there is just something about "thanks muchly," that makes me lose my temper and contemplate poking my own eyeball out with a chopstick.  First of all, "muchly" is not a word.  And in my experience, people who say that are typically an ass.  They could quite possibly be pompous and condescending even.  Pompous and condescending is definitely not my favorite.

See how I am generalizing a whole group of people right there?  Sorry.  Maybe I am cranky.

Also, oh man, I can't believe I am going here, but I am anti-sticker family on the back of the momi-van.  I am not going to go into too much depth there, because I have a feeling I might get in trouble for that one, but they do annoy me.  Lets just say I may or may not mentally make fun of you if you have a sticker family.  And I may or may not make fun of you ten times harder if your sticker family is wearing Mickey Mouse ears.  Sorry.

And finally, it so annoys me when I find a used band-aid somewhere that is not the garbage.  Like, poolside, or on the floor, or pretty much anywhere that is not a receptacle for waste.  Seriously, please let's all just be considerate of the germophobes like myself who most definitely are not only annoyed, but also repulsed by your disgusting, germy, used band-aid.

Yesterday someone said "thanks muchly," in my presence, which is how this little rant came to be.  OK, I'm over it now.

So uh, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Hope you all had good, safe, happy Halloween fun.  


  1. i think i've said "thanks muchly" before and then wondered what weird crack of my brain it came out of and made sure not to use it again.
    i'm with you on the sticker family. i don't care. i get a little twingey when i see them on vehicles, especially when they're on vehicles belonging to my friends.

  2. I agree and agree again! Why can't people use real words and correct grammar? I also hate sticker families. Why does anyone care how many kids or dogs or cats these people have? There's nothing unique about having children and pets. I've also seen the ones that have the parents' and kids' names listed underneath each stick person. Why can't these people just start a blog like normal people. :)

  3. Ha ha, so funny! I really get annoyed by people who do stuff like that too - in German, that would be for example saying "Zum Bleistift" (for pencil) instead of "Zum Beispiel" (for example). Sticker families are terrible, and I'm also not a big fan of those big fat cutesy baby stickers with names under them! =)

  4. I can't say I've never used the phrase thanks muchly, as my brain has lost many cells and sometimes put words together that I would never choose to combine. I've also been known to say, "It's on like donkey gong." I can say that I never MEANT to say thanks muchly if I have ever actually said it.

    I once contemplated getting a sticker family, but I don't think they have pig and chicken characters that I can add and subtract as chickens get eaten, pigs die, and we get new ones. I would totally get pigs and chickens with Mickey Mouse ears, though.

  5. Just last week I saw a sticker family of a lady and about 6 cats. I wish I had a phone with a good camera I would have taken a picture of that! for that matter I wish I could find my phone.