Monday, October 29, 2012

home sweet home?

Ahh, home sweet home...  or is it??

We flew in yesterday from South Carolina, concerned that somewhere along the way we'd get delayed because of the crazy stormy weather we're expecting.  Thank Cod I didn't try to get an extra day out of the weekend, because if we had flown today, we'd pretty much not be making it home any time soon.  Travel is a mess right about now - flights, trains, public transportation - seems like everything is affected.

There are all sorts of "states of emergency" popping up all over the place on the East Coast.  So far, we haven't seen much more than a nice grey sky and a few random raindrops, but apparently it's going to get pretty bad.  I am not super concerned where I am though, but I am worried about some people that I know who are right in a bad path.

They dismissed the kids early from school today, due to the impending storm.  Hm.  I get that if they didn't close school and something bad happened, they'd be in trouble.  But really?  Closing because you think it might get stormy?  Without even much of a raindrop yet?  I kind of think that's a little premature.  Maybe it's just me.  Maybe because I am so close to the school that if something were to go down, I could get all three kids and have them safe in my car in about five minutes.

I would pretty much bet a lot of money on the fact that they will close school tomorrow, tonight.  I mean, like in advance, before they even know for sure what tomorrow will bring.  Wanna bet?

So anyway, I had a great, busy, fast weekend away.  I'll have to tell you all about it as soon as I have time to put together a coherent post.  

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