Friday, October 5, 2012

friday 5

It's Friday.  My sister Jen is coming in to town tonight so I'm happy.  I don't think we've hung out since summer, and I hate when too much time goes by.  It's so hard when school starts, because we have to work around all of our kid's commitments.  And they sure seem to have a lot of commitments. Damn kids.

Nah.  I love my kid's commitments.  I love going to watch Alex play soccer, which is the biggest time suck for me in the fall.  In fact, Jen is coming to see some soccer games this weekend.  It's homecoming weekend in our town, at my old school.  There are all sorts of games going on, football, soccer and field hockey, maybe volleyball.  One thing that I'm looking forward to though is watching the alumni games.  My husband is playing soccer along with my BIL Tbone, who also grew up here, and my sister Ali is playing field hockey.  It's going to be funny to see all of the old graduates playing.  Ali just turned 40, it'll be pretty funny to see her with a field hockey stick again.  Running.  With the stick.  My husband plays soccer fairly regularly, so even though that will be fun to watch, it probably won't be as funny as Ali's game.

Yeah, I know I am making fun of the old players, and of course I'm not actually playing myself.  Yes, well, that's because I am as uncoordinated today as I was back then.  If I got out there and attempted to play soccer or field hockey, someone would get hurt.  And that someone would be me.  I suck at sports and I always have.  I never played any sports in high school.  I'm really good at watching though!  I'm great at cheering them all on from the sidelines!  WooHOO!

Well, I guess time's up!  Happy long weekend to you.

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